Everything You Need For A Successful Hiking Break

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[AD] Hiking is one of the best ways to spend your time there is! In fact, not only does it get you out in nature, but it’s a great way to get fit too. Something that makes it an excellent choice for a break. Of course, before you set out on any hiking trip, there are a few things that you need to sort. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

A Plan 

Number one on the list is a plan! In fact, when hiking or trekking, you must be aware of the type of terrain and the routes you will be using beforehand. Both so you can get the best out of the experience and for safety’s sake as well. 

In fact, doing a little research before you decide whether to head to Scotland, Wales or Ireland on your next hiking holiday can actually be a lot of fun in itself. After all, you get to find out all about all sorts of cool places around the UK! 

The Right Clothing 

You will need to pack the right clothing when going on a trekking break. This is because most of your time will be spent outside in the elements, and you will need protection from the sun and the cold or the heat. 

Therefore, checking on the weather at your chosen destination is a smart idea. Then you will know whether to pack your shorts or your all-weather coat. Although a foldable showerproof mac is a good shout no matter what the forecasts say. 

The Right Supplies 

Apart from clothing, there are other things that you will need to take on a hiking break as well. In fact, most of these come under the categories of safety and wellbeing, because you never really know what could about in the great outdoors. 

With that in mind packing some charged two way radios is a smart idea, especially if you plan to split off from the main group at any point. After all, it will allow you to stay in touch, and inform each other of your location in case you do get into difficulty. 

A first aid kit is also a must. Just be sure it contains a mylar blanket, some steri-strips and plenty of blister plasters as well. Then you will be prepared for just about all eventualities. 

The Right Shoes 

Flip flops are not the right shoes for hiking. In fact, even the smoothest, most straightforward trail can leave you with nasty blisters and a reluctance to go again if you don’t wake the right shoes. With that in mind investing in some well-fitting walking boots is the best idea. 

Although, whatever you do, don’t forget to break them in before your hiking holiday. Otherwise, you can end up hurting your feet so bad that you can’t carry on with the rest of the routes that you have planned. 

Of course, teaming your boots with the right type of socks it’s incredibly important too. In fact, if you get the combo correct, you can walk for miles and miles and not experience any discomfort at all! 

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