Birmingham has undergone a huge regeneration over the past 20 years and now boasts great shopping experiences, visitor attractions and food and drink venus to fit all budgets & tastes. It is fair to say there are plenty of things to do in Birmingham from family visits, friends and couples of all ages. There are an array of hotels in Birmingham available to suit all budgets in the city centre and close to some many amenities including the train station. Shopping Birmingham has really expanded over the past few years with three new shopping centres as well as chain and… View Post

The city of Hamburg has a well-deserved reputation as Germany’s Gateway to the World. For centuries curious travelers docked in Europe’s second largest port in hope to enjoy all the festivities this amazing place has to offer. The wealthiest nation of Europe always preferred to add the most extravagant opportunities for new visitors to amaze them like no other.Here are the five most famous attractions you can find during your holiday in Hamburg. Reeperbahn The undisputed main attraction of all groups who arrived for their Hamburg stag do weekend as well as the very thing that gave Hamburg its controversial… View Post

Situated in the most turbulent area of Europe the Romanian capital serves as a great example of a newly born modern city that amazes every visitor. For ages, these once isolated places remained hidden from the eyes of many curious visitors who wanted to dwell into Dracula’s lands. Today Bucharest is evolving into one of the main European tourist hotspots and its low cost of great party possibilities is just one of the many aspects of the cities attractions. Stay with us to find out how is it possible that this city started to magnetize so many visitors eager for… View Post

The past 2 years have been some what of an adventure but not one that I would ever have picked.  Life is so different now to what it was 2 years ago and it really has been a huge rollercoaster of a ride to get to where I am today.  By no stretch of the imagination has it been a fun ride, more like a neverending ghost train stuck on full speed.  I’m in need of an adventure.  An adventure that takes me far away from the winter weather in the UK.  An adventure that includes some winter sun and… View Post

There are tons of reasons to choose a cruise vacation for your next getaway. Cruising through the waters of the world gives you a chance to experience the wonders of the wide open ocean – the vibrant colors of the sunrise each morning and sunset each evening against the blue waters is enough reason to book a cruise today. There is something special about travelling by boat to exciting international destinations, and it doesn’t hurt that cruises offer some of the best values when it comes to travelling, and discounts are often easy to find. Cruises cater to everyone, and… View Post

Booking a romantic city break with your partner is an excellent way to unwind from the stresses of modern life and enjoy your time together. You make all the final decisions when it comes to choosing the location and the activities you plan to enjoy. However, there are some tips in this article that you might like to think about when putting all the arrangements in place. While you don’t have to visit any of the cities mentioned in this post, other people tend to have a fantastic time, and there is plenty to keep you occupied, regardless of your… View Post

Last week I wrote about our trip to Llandudno that we had taken a while back. We had four days away in North Wales and made the most of things. We actually stayed in Conwy, in a lovely hotel I have stayed at three times now.  All the rooms are decorated in their own indivual style and the beds are huge! We had gone to Llandudno to eat o our first evening at The Cottage Loaf and had gone back to Llandudno the following day to have a walk around and afternoon tea.  We also went up to the top… View Post

This seems like ages ago now but it was only back in March that I went away for a few days to York.  I’ve been to York so many times both as an adult and a child and I have always loved the city.  This time the visit was all about the food!  Three days of visiting as many lovely food places as we could and fitting in a little sight seeing around the city between places. York is probably famous for three things; The Minster, The Shambles and Betty’s Tea Shop.  This visit to York included all three. In… View Post