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2020…..A new year and a new decade. The last few years have well and truly been an adventure of highs and lows. 2019 brought something I never would have dreamed of and to be honest 7 months on I am still struggling to come to terms with it all. I feel as if I have just floated through life these past few months.

This week has brought a couple of challenges with my health which were picked up very quickly and for that, I am very grateful. The next 8 weeks are going to be busy, super busy. Plans have been made to do a reverse move as it’s time for new beginnings and to put the past few years behind me.

For now, probably the end of March, life will kind of on hold. I have some serious downsizing to do at home and it scares the hell out of me that I only have 8 weeks to do it all while I’m super excited to be going back to where my heart belongs. It’s a very strange mix of emotions.

Just like last year, I am setting a few goals for my blog work this year.  I am really happy with the improvements made in 2019 even if life threw an unexpected curve ball my way. I am confident that with good planning I can achieve what I want to.

2020 Work Goals

This is what I would like to achieve in 2020:

New Blog Theme

Way back I purchased a lovely theme for a small UK designer and love the look and the ease of use. However, back in March last year there were a number of issues and along with many other bloggers, I took the decision to remove the theme. At the time I didn’t have the money to purchase 3 new themes that did what I wanted. Instead, I picked up some themes that were relatively inexpensive and just made do until I had time to sort a quality theme out. Life had other ideas and here I am 9 months later with themes I don’t really like and ones that are extremely slow to load.

Views And Social Media

I’d like to increase my page views and social media followers by 25%.  I think it is getting more difficult to increase followers on Facebook and Instagram especially now the algorithms have all changed.  It’s as if you won’t get your page/feed shown unless you pay for the page to be promoted. But I am not going to let this stop me, I am going to be consistent in what I do.

Afternoon Tea, Food And Travel

In 2020 I a going to be concentrating more on afternoon tea, food, and travel content. I’ve written a wish list of places where I would like to have afternoon tea and eat out. Moving house means I’m unlikely to be having a holiday next year but with a long array of new places to discover I’m sure I can find plenty of adventures to have. For now, I have a few venues in the Midlands that I would like to have afternoon tea before we move.

2020 Life Goals

Things will be even more simplified in 2020 and workable plans are being put in place.  My new planning system is really going to hel me achieve all that I want to do. I think it’s all about making reasonable plans. What I am in the process of doing now is scaling back what I want to achieve and making my goals more achieveable. The items thats I have removed from my plans are on my ‘If I Have Time To Do List’, meaning if I complete what I want to do and have time I can work on these projects.

This year I intend to concentrate on the following goals:

Move House And Make It A Home

The house I am buying needs some ‘finishing touches’. As with all estate agents speak the reality is often a few leaps away from what you expect. why do estate agents have the ability to take photographs from the most flattering angle and avoid areas that need work? I know I need to get all the little jobs done as soon as I move as I’m not in the right physical position to let them drag out. Watch this space to see what I do!

 Afternoon Tea

I love afternoon tea and this year I would love to go for afternoon tea at 12 different places. A monthly little treat, be it with friends, family or just to sit back and relax all on my own.  I think I’m going to enjoy this goal the most!

Take A Class

I’ve been taking a look at the classes offered at the local college. Thirty (Ahem!) odd years ago I did GCSE photography. This was in the days before digital cameras and concentrated a lot on developing your photographs. There is a selection of photography classes which I would like to take. I’m going to miss the next course by 2 weeks and I’m hoping that I won’t have to wait until September and they will be running the first 10-week course after Easter.

I would also like to have a go and learning Welsh again. When we lived in Wales before the classes were canceled all three of the years I joined as too many people dropped out and it wasn’t economical to continue running them.

I really think the key is simplicity and fun but isn’t that what life should be about? What are your goals for the next couple of months?

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