These nine photographs were my most popular ones on Instagram last month.  A little work, a cocktail and plenty of tea.  That sort of sums up last month!  The cocktail was from my visit to the opening of The Head Of Steam’s in Birmingham which was a fun night filled with great food. It may look as if all I did was drink tea last month but the month was filled with much much more than just drinking tea.  I had some great time with friends sitting out in the garden wnjoying this lovely weather we are having, although personally… View Post

A big, spacious kitchen is something that many of us dream of. However, not everyone is blessed with such a big space. Letting more light in is an easy way to make a room feel larger and more open, and there are some great interior design tricks to help transform your dream kitchen. Source If the warm weather has inspired you to create lighter spaces in your home, take a look at these top tips for letting the light into your kitchen this summer. Lighten Your Colour Scheme By making your kitchen lighter, you’ll help make the most of the… View Post

Strange question I know but do you always pick the same brands or like me mix up brands but pick the same colours every time? Let’s talk about lipsticks. I’m very picky about my lipstick colour. I don’t like a bright lipstick which usually puts most reds and pinks out of my comfort zone. But then I don’t suit peach tones either. This leaves me with muted pinks and nudes. My preference being a nude lipstick. Now there are plenty of nude lipsticks out there on the market, all slightly different in shade, ranging from dark nudes to lighter natural… View Post

I really can’t believe it is the first of July in a few days time.  Half the year has gone in the blink of an eye! Promote your Instagram by sharing your most-liked photos. Do you meal prep? Share your go-to recipes. Review a book on your summer reading list. Compile a list of affordable wedding guest outfits. How do you organize a small space? Write a blog with photos. Document a DIY project wand share a tutorial. Host a guest blogger in your niche. Hold a summer-themed giveaway for your readers! Share 5 summer fashion tips for the office.… View Post

Life goals….what can I say?  Last year and the year before I made both life and work goals but google says a post needs to be a minimum of 300 words for it to be picked up in search engines and my life goals after the previous 2 years were ‘survive’. One little word. Which meant I never actually wrote anything at the begining of the year. Well, I’ve made it through six months of the year and I’ll be honest it’s been eventful and really not what I imagined or hoped for.  It started with someone thinking they were… View Post