• 30 Minute Chilli With Homemade Tortilla Chips

    31st March 2019

    [AD] Nothing beats quick and easy comfort food. We all have busy days where we end up coming home and just want to fall into the chair, put our feet up and watch some tv before an early night. Nobody whats to have had a busy day and then be faced with what seems like…

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  • Afternoon Tea Adventures; The Imperial Hotel, Llandudno

    30th March 2019

    It seems like an actual age since I went to Llandudno last year and had afternoon tea at The Imperial Hotel on the seafront. It was a cold grey day but even still sat watching the sea whilst eating an amazing afternoon tea was such a memorable experience. During this visit to North Wales, we…

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  • How To Create A Perfect Texan Themed Night

    31st January 2019

    Want to host a Texan-themed dinner party? Whether you want to take the time to plan in advance or throw a last-minute gathering, these tips will keep you cool, calm and collected from start to finish. Texan food’s exact roots are ambiguous, but there are influences from the German and Czech colonisers who settled in…

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  • Things To Do In Birmingham

    28th January 2019

    Birmingham has undergone a huge regeneration over the past 20 years and now boasts great shopping experiences, visitor attractions and food and drink venus to fit all budgets & tastes. It is fair to say there are plenty of things to do in Birmingham from family visits, friends and couples of all ages. There are…

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  • Christmas Food; Mincemeat And Marzipan Slice

    17th December 2018

    I love mince pies.  They just had to be my favourite part of Christmas.  I usually start making them mid-November and make at least one batch a week.  I also make them as gifts for friends.  I think as you get older a festive gift of food is so much nicer.  To make my mince…

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  • Christmas Food; Prawn Cocktail

    14th December 2018

    I’m not sure if you have a starter or not with your Christmas lunch but even if you don’t this classic and simple to make prawn cocktail is a lovely addition to any meal or as a main for a light lunch.  This recipe is 5 simple ingredients: Pre cooked prawns Lettuce Mayonnaise Tomato ketchup…

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  • Christmas Food; Homemade Mince Pies

    10th December 2018

    Christmas isn’t Christmas without homemade mince pies. Flaky buttery sweet pastry encasing rich mincemeat full to the brim with rich decadent fruits and that lovely sticky sauce. If you’re lucky it will also have a little alcohol, brandy, for example, mixed in as well. My Grandmother was a tremendous sweet pastry cook. He pastry was…

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  • Chocolate And Raspberry Trifle

    7th December 2018

    Everyone loves an easy dessert.  One that is quick to make but looks and tastes like you have taken forever to make.  This is a cheat’s chocolate and fresh raspberry trifle with no cooking or baking involved. Chocolate roll or chocolate cake 200g of dark chocolate Punnet of raspberries Seedless raspberry jam 250g Mascarpone cheese…

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