A big, spacious kitchen is something that many of us dream of. However, not everyone is blessed with such a big space. Letting more light in is an easy way to make a room feel larger and more open, and there are some great interior design tricks to help transform your dream kitchen. Source If the warm weather has inspired you to create lighter spaces in your home, take a look at these top tips for letting the light into your kitchen this summer. Lighten Your Colour Scheme By making your kitchen lighter, you’ll help make the most of the… View Post

You bedroom is one of those rooms in your home that can often be a little low on the priority list when it comes to decoration or investing your time into making it a nice space. You focus more on the rooms people will see or even things like children’s bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. However, clutter and a small space can mean your bedroom and you feel overwhelmed. So I thought I would share witty you some of the space saving ideas for your bedroom. Image source Fitting the TV to the wall Many of us like a TV in our… View Post

We all want to have more space than we currently have. In case you are currently planning your home improvement project, you might be able to create more storage and light in your home without having to get the builders in. The below space saving home improvement tips will help you get more out of your life, stay organized, and make your house look bigger, lighter, and more modern. Multifunctional Furniture Source Thanks to clever designers, now you can get furniture that is functional and has hidden storage. From storage seats in the kitchen where you can keep your towels… View Post

Image Credit We each have a unique idea of what the feeling of home means to us; and this comes down to multiple aspects such as the aesthetic details, the neighbourhood, the people and animals you share your home with and the emotional sense of what home means for you. Whatever home looks and feels like for you, it’s clear there’s a big difference between the feeling of walking into a house that feels like a “home” and a house that is just a house. In many ways home boils down to a sense of belonging and certainty that provides… View Post

For the past two years I have been slowly renovating my house bit by bit.  Recently I have decided on the look I want in my office and most rooms now are nearly finished.  The only rooms left to plan are the utility and down stairs toilet.  Being the smallest room in the house I REALLY want sometime wild and wacky in toilet.  No plain magnolia walls for me! I came across an online site called wallsauce who specialise in bespoke wall murals and graffics that are either hung like wallpaper or have a sticky back.  It is really easy… View Post