What to do with your food when moving house

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[AD] As a foodie, your house is probably filled with beautiful tasty foods that you love to cook with but what do you do with that food when you move house?

There is a lot to be considered and it depends on how far away you are traveling. If you have plans to move house and have not yet thought about how to safely take all your food with you, these 3 tips should help you get organized.

Failure to plan appropriately can lead to foods going bad, getting squashed and resulting in them being thrown out. 

Take Inventory

Before you do anything it’s worth spending the time to walk around the kitchen, stick your head in the fridge and search through your dry cupboards to take inventory of all the foods you currently have. 

Compiling an organized list of food items can help you to better organize and plan the succesful move of the foods to your new home. You will want to break the list down into the following categories to make life simpler:

  • Frozen foods
  • Refrigerated perishable items 
  • Canned foods 
  • Foods in glass bottles
  • Boxed items
  • Delicate foods

Use As Much Food As Possible Before the Move 


One way to make your life far easier when moving food to your new home is to try to use as much of that food as possible before moving. We’re not saying binge eat but try to use recipes or meal plans that incorporate more of the foods you have sat in the dry cupboard or freezer. 

Start limiting your trips to the supermarket up until you move so that you are forced to use what you have already. Make sure you use up everything in your freezer where possible as these are the most difficult foods to stay intact during your move. If you still have lots of food leftover before the big move think about throwing a leaving party that uses the food up. 

You want to move with as little food as possible. 

3. Pack Only The Important Foods


Foodies and keen cooks tend to have some very special ingredients in their freezers and dry cupboards that you may want to take to the new house. Once you have identified what those special foods are it’s time to get packing!

Here are some top tips for packing:

  • Try to always use small to medium-sized boxes for heavy items. Lot’s of heavy items in a big box may break during the move.
  • Use heavy-duty ziplock bags for anything that can spill. The last thing you want is smelly leaks during your move.
  • Any glass containers should be wrapped up safely in bubble wrap and paper. 
  • If you are taking perishable food items make sure you place them inside an appropriate cooler storage box so that they stay fresh.
  • Always label the boxes so your life is easier when unpacking in your new home. 

If you have non-perishable items that you don’t wish to take with you, try donating them to those in need in your local area. Make sure you throw away any expired food items appropriately.

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