Top Sleeping Tips for New Parents

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[AD] As new parents, one of the things you slowly begin to lose when your child is born, is sleep. With screaming babies, unfortunately, having no recognition of the fact you need that all-important shut-eye, sleep deprivation can become an issue.

I’ve put together my top tips for ensuring you still get the sleep you need and your baby gets the attention and love it craves.

Find a routine

As parents, you need to ensure that everything is done 50/50. We spoke to the guys over at Bed Guru about their top new parents sleeping tips and they insisted that both parts of the equation need to contribute as much as the other, especially sleep. Your baby comes first and the late night wake up calls need to be shared.

You need to get a routine in place so you can both make the most of getting as much sleep as possible. So, whether you have one night on and one night off or take it in turns each time the baby cries you need a routine. Whatever works best for the both of you.

Sleep as much as you can when your baby sleeps

Regardless of the time of day, whenever your baby sleeps you need to try and get some sleep yourself. Babies, sadly, tend to be nocturnal and sleep during the day. So, if you’re planning on a mid afternoon nap, it might be a good idea!

Make sure your bedroom is primed for sleep

You need to make sure your bedroom is ready for when you do the get the opportunity to sleep. Make sure you have a good mattress, this will give you a super comfy nights sleep. Keep your bedroom nice and cool because this is the optimum sleep condition.

Stay patient

Sleep deprivation not only affects your physical health, but it also puts your mental health to the test. You need to stay patient with each other as, the calmer you are the calmer your baby will be. Give them a relaxing environment, it will only benefit you as well.

Say yes to help

You need to remember, it’s not embarrassing to accept a little bit of help from your friends and family. People will want to help, in particular your parents, they’ve been through it all before so take their help, tips and advice on board. Your close ones will be eager to help you, so just accept their help, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed.

The early bird catches the worm

The last thing you want after a rough night’s sleep is to get up and go for a walk but it will do you the world of good. You need to rest you circadian rhythm in the morning and it also allows your baby to start developing their own sleeping pattern. Fresh air and sunlight will also make your more alert and benefit you mentally.

These are my top tips for new parents. Just remember, you’re not alone and all parents have been through what you’re going through. Stay strong as a team and you’ll reap the rewards.

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