Is It Time For You To Move? 12 Signs To Look Out For

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[AD] When you purchased your first home, it’s unlikely you planned to live there forever. Even if you did want to live there forever, things can change. Circumstances can change in all kinds of ways, and many of these circumstances call for a new place to live. Below, we’ll give you 12 signs to look out for that will indicate whether it’s time for you to move. Take a look – you might be surprised.

Your Home Feels Too Big

If your home suddenly feels too big, it may be because you have kids who have flew the coop. Kids grow and inevitably they won’t live with you forever, but you probably didn’t realize how empty your home would feel until it happened.

If your home feels too big, you might feel lonely. Your home might feel less cosy. You’re probably also spending more money than you need to on bills, and more time cleaning than you’d like. These are all signs that you should consider moving to a smaller place.

Your Home Feels Too Small

Maybe your home is beginning to feel cramped. If you have kids that are growing and taking up more space, or you are planning on starting a family, then it could be a good time to purchase a larger place that will accommodate your needs.

There Always Seems To Be Some Kind Of DIY Job To Do

Are you getting fed up of the seemingly never-ending list of DIY jobs? Some people really love DIY, and it can be satisfying, but not if there’s a new project for you to take on every weekend and you’re feeling like you barely get any time to yourself. You should pay attention to how much time and money you’re spending on DIY, and whether you think it’s in your best interests to carry on the way you are.

You Find Yourself Feeling Jealous Of The Homes Of Friends And Family

Maybe you find yourself paying more attention to the homes of friends and family, and wish you had a house like theirs. It’s important to remember that the grass will often feel greener on the other side – it doesn’t actually mean that there’s anything wrong with your house, or that your home is no longer right for you. You might just need to change up your decor to feel better about your situation. However, if you know that it’s more than that, you should look into moving.

You Find Yourself Browsing Other Homes For Sale Occasionally

Maybe you find yourself window shopping for other properties more often. If you’re buying property magazines or looking at properties available from your local real estate firm, it could be a sign that you’re ready to move. However, some people want to go one further than that and move abroad, setting up in another country. If you feel this might be the case, you can check our resources like hdb Singapore to get a feel for what’s available and what you could be paying. Moving abroad is a big decision, though, so make sure this is right for you before you find a property and set your heart on it!

You Wish You Had More Storage Space

Maybe you like your home, but you wish you had more storage space. The longer we live in a home, the more junk we seem to accumulate. Especially when we have a family! It could be an idea to look into different ways of adding storage space first. For example, could you purchase furniture that doubles up as storage? If you know this won’t be enough, it could be time to look at buying a house with a garage.


You’re Honing In On Everything You Think Is ‘Wrong’ With Your House

Perhaps you’ve forgotten all the reasons you fell in love with your house in the first place, and you’re constantly honing in on what’s ‘wrong’ with it. The things you think are wrong with your home might just be small things that others wouldn’t notice, and chances are, there will be small imperfections in any house you buy. That being said, if you just can’t find any love for your home, it could be time to pack up.

Your Financial Situation Has Changed

If you find yourself earning less, paying for your current home might be a struggle. Moving, in this case, can be painful, but you’ll be spending a huge portion of what you earn keeping your home up and running.

You Think It Would Cost Less To Move Than To Repair Your Current Home

When you look at the repairs you’d like to do on your current home, do you feel like it would cost less just to move? You should take everything into account here, including things like solicitor’s fees to ensure that moving is the right option. In some cases, if you’re moving due to space concerns, you could have an extension, and this might be cheaper to do as well as add value to your current property. However, sometimes moving is the best choice.

You Don’t Like Your Neighbours

There’s not a lot you can do if you don’t like your neighbors, except hope and pray that they move. You could always talk to them if they are doing something to upset you, but if they are unreasonable, it could be time to move. Some people call the police when their neighbors throw wild parties and do things that they shouldn’t, but depending on your neighbors, this might cause more stress than it’s worth.

You Don’t Feel Safe In Your Neighbourhood

Maybe your neighbourhood isn’t as safe as it used to be. This can be a huge concern if you have kids. Moving to a place with a lower crime rate could be the right choice.

Your Commute Is Killing You

Maybe you’re spending a lot of time and money commuting to and from work. Moving closer could be the best thing to do if you can see yourself working at your current job for the foreseeable.



  • Kim Carberry

    14th June 2019 at 9:50 PM

    Yep! I nodded along to most of these. It’s a good job we’re moving house in a couple of weeks. hehehe

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