15 Thoughts We All Have On A Friday

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Friday’s, don’t you just love it when the weekend finally arrives and you can put the week behind you and have some relaxation and fun? I don’t know about you but I love the weekend, a chance to sit back, relax and escape the daily Monday to Friday work grind. I’ve not worked weekends since I was a student nearly 25 years ago and personally, I couldn’t imagine going back to working weekends. I love being self-employed and how it gives me the freedom to work hours that suit me but I still get that Friday feeling like everyone else.

What are some of the thoughts that we all think when it finally gets to that glorious day that we call Friday?

  1. TGIF
  2. I’m counting down the hours until it’s time to go home.
  3. It’s Friday, takeaway time…..pizza, Chinese or maybe Indian.
  4. Is it time to go home yet?
  5. I can’t wait to get into my PJ’s on and stay in them all weekend long.
  6. Turning the alarm clock off is the best feeling ever.
  7. How many hours have I got left until I go home?
  8. I want my bed right now, the thought of putting my head on that pillow is honestly dreamy. Like a dreamy marshmallow.
  9. I am looking forward to having absolutely zero plans and just sleeping the weekend away.
  10. If someone wakes me up early tomorrow I may kill them.
  11. Why do weekdays go so slow and the weekend flies by in the blink of an eye?
  12. What fun adventures can we go on this weekend?
  13. I hope the weather is nice this weekend.
  14. It’s time for lazy days and brunch with friends.
  15. I don’t want the weekend to ever end.

Are you a fan of Fridays’s and love the atticipation of what fun adventure the weekend may bring? What are some of the thoughts you have on a Friday?


  • Susan Mann

    14th February 2019 at 12:19 PM

    I think we have all had a few of these thoughts xx

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