When Your Son Wants To Be A Footballer

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[AD] For most boys and men living across the country, there would be nothing better than playing football for a living. The UK is well and truly crazy for the sport we call the beautiful game. However, amateur footballers need real protection, which is something any parent of an aspiring football needs to be wary of.

It cannot be stressed enough how imperative it is for amateur footballers to have a good football insurance policy. In fact, this applies to all involved in the sport at this level, including those in non-playing jobs in football, such as coaches and managers. Of course, insurance is available for players at all levels and it is highly recommended that every single person involved in the sport takes out a policy. So, why is it that the need for amateurs to do so is even more crucial?

Well, let’s break it down simply. If Rashford’s injury comes back to haunt him and he ends up with a career-threatening injury, the one million pounds+ he earns a year at the moment means that it is likely he will have the cash to enjoy a very nice retirement. He will probably also be able to explore other avenues as well, with television appearances and alike the norm for the modern day ex-professional. If someone involved in the sport at an amateur level experienced a career-threatening injury, do you think they would have this luxury? Not likely!

Being a footballer is obviously a very unique choice of career. The sheer fact that you can only be in this career for a limited amount of time is one way of showcasing how it is different. Because of this and the fact that there are many variable factors – your health being the main one, football insurance providers have honed their policies to be able to provide individuals with insurance that covers all areas. Footballers should be safe in the knowledge that, should anything happen that affects their ability to play and/or earn an income, they will be protected.

A lot of you may be thinking well most amateur footballers have other jobs as well so they will be fine. However, if you sustain a serious injury then your mobility is likely to be affected, and thus their ability to attend their day job is affected as well as their ability to play football. Needless to say, this can be extremely worrying, especially for those who have families to support. Thankfully, football insurance offers a way out. It ensures that all eventualities are covered and the footballer in question has peace of mind.

If you are involved in football at any level – whether you a professional player or an amateur coach – you simply must take out a football insurance policy. Make sure you seek a reputable provider and read all of the terms and conditions to ensure that all areas are covered and you are fully protected.


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