How to Get A Promotion: 5 Easy Steps To Success

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[AD] Have you been working within a business for a long time now? Are you a top performer? Then it could be time for a promotion. But how do you get one without straight out asking for one? There are several steps that you can take to ensure that your employers see how much you deserve it. 

The time to make a change, you’ll be able to unlock new responsibilities with a new role – plus you should get a bump in your salary – a bonus that no one would say no to! 

Make a Note of Your Achievements Over Time 

Your boss most likely won’t be tracking every single thing that you accomplish within the company, so it’s a good idea to keep a log of your achievements over time – this way, you will have a concrete document that you can reference when the time comes. 

Even though this might look a little OTT, it’s an easy and efficient way of showcasing what you’ve done.

Further Your Education 

Throughout your time at a company, consider taking on some extra training, a course or degree. Even if you use it as a stepping stone from which to get a promotion in the future at another company, it’s a good way to showcase your determination and motivation to succeed. 

No matter what type of degree/course you’re looking at – whether it’s a masters degree in accounting online, a marketing diploma or another relevant subject, it gives you extra skills and experience that stands you out from other employees/those you might be competing for in a role. 

Become a Resource For Other Employees

If you’ve been in your role for some time now, you should know the ins and outs of the business. From how to resolve any issues that arise to knowing how the programmes work, you’ll be able to showcase your skills. Because of this, your fellow employees who are new to the business might start to come to you for advice.

You should also start to help and offer advice to team members that are struggling without them having to ask. Now, this of course should be done in a way that’s actually helpful – not a selfish act that’s motivated. 

However, it will have the plus point of representing how valuable you are as a team member within the company – something that your employees will see as a great quality to have in a manager/supervisor/senior member of the team.

Show That You Want a Promotion 

You need to show that you’re interested in furthering your career – and the first step to doing this is by telling your boss that you want to advance in the near future. Whilst doing this, ask for their guidance, the ways in which you can improve and ask if they can give you any extra responsibility in order to show your worth. 

Prove That You Can Be a Leader

As mentioned above, you want to distinguish yourself from your fellow team members. And a good way of doing this is by proving that you can be a great leader and team player. 

Do this by putting yourself forward for a group project or assuming extra responsibility throughout the months – your boss will then see how you’ve demonstrated the skills of being a leader, which will hopefully lead to a promotion.

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