Making Your Business A Safe And Secure Place To Be

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[AD] Business owners have a legal responsibility to ensure their business premises are safe and secure for both employees and visitors to their premises. the first step is to carry out a risk assessment of the premises.

Firstly you need to identify all the hazards such as:

  • Possible slips and trips
  • Hazards from electrical equipment
  • Manual handling
  • Fire risks
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Outside Spaces

Once the hazards have been identified it is essential that solutions are found to lower the risk to employees and visitors. Simple solutions to limit risks within the workplace can be found by using products from companies such as Barriers Direct security and safety products.

In 2018 there were 1.4 million accidents in the workplace in the UK which means a well stock first aid kit placed in a prominent position is essential. A first aid kit ensures that if there ever is an accident then first aid supplies are on hand until professional treatment can be sought. It is also essential that you have staff who are trained in first aid.

As well as staff trained in first aid it is also essential that a business appoints and trains fire wardens and regular fire drills are carried out including detailing any additional help disabled staff and visitors may need. For disabled employees, it is essential that an evacuation refuge point and plan is set out.

If there are any possible slip and trip risks it’s essential that employees and visitors are warned of these hazards by using appropriate warning signs. To protect your staff from injuries relating to manual handling firstly staff should receive training on how to pick up items in a safe manner and should also undergo regular refresher training and where necessary trollies and ladders should be provided.

Outdoor spaces connected to the business also need to be assessed for hazards. This can include ensuring the car park is secure and safe by adding security cameras, lighting and traffic mirrors for blind spots.


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