5 Driving Distractions To Avoid To Reduce The Risk Of Accidents

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[AD] There are more cars on British roads than there have ever been and because of this the risk of accidents also sadly increases and casualties and sadly fatalities are also on the increase too. Modern life brings so many driving distractions, many of which can quite easily be avoided. When it comes to accidents on our roads:

  • Research has shown that 95% of accidents on British roads can be partly blamed on human error.
  • However, 75% of these accidents are attributed wholly to human error.
  • If care and common sense had been applied the majority of these accidents could have been avoided. The majority of accidents happen in daylight hours and during rush hour traffic.

With around 1.25 million road accidents on British roads every year many of these could be prevented by using care and common sense by avoiding driving distractions. Lease Car, a UK car leasing company have recently carried out a survey on driving distractions and found:

Driving Distractions


Listening to music can be good, even beneficial but research has shown that excessively loud music can be incredibly distracting. The loud music being played in the confined space of your car has been found to reduce a driver’s reaction time by as much as 20%. The music played during the study was at 95 decibels which are the equivalent of an electric lawnmower.

On face value, 95 decibels may seem quite loud but a phone can quite easily play music at 94db and car radios are often played at 100db. Young drivers also tend to play their music much louder add to this their inexperience and it is quite easy to see how loud music can quite easily be considered a huge driving distraction.

Snack And Go

With such busy nonstop lives, it is so easy to try to multi-task in order to allow us to get on with the things we have to do and also allow us to have more relaxed times doing the things we enjoy and spending time with the special people in our lives. whilst in some circumstances multitasking is fine, no real damage could happen as a result of it, multitasking whilst behind the wheel of a car is right up there in the top 5 of driving distractions.

It’s so easy to skip our lunch break or a coffee break and instead take refreshments whilst driving. One of the major culprits for causing accidents through driving distractions is hot fillings scalding the driver or spilling liquids. Not only is this a risk to the driver and also fellow road users and pedestrians but by eating and drinking behind the wheel you are automatically taking at least one hand off the steering wheel which in its self means you don’t have full control of the vehicle.

The risks involved by eating and drinking behind the wheel are immense and nothing is worth risking yours and other peoples live just to save a few minutes by not taking a break or delaying your journey. The actual break-in driving on long journeys is also beneficial to your body and will help refresh tiredness and stress.

Beauty Behind The Wheel


As shocking as it may seem carrying out beauty routines or simply just checking on your appearance whilst driving is very common. I will admit I was quite surprised by the survey that Lease Car carried out saying that 12% of men have shaved in the car. I really hope that is while they were parked with the engine off not whilst waiting in a queue of traffic! Driving distractions can mean that it will take a driver more time to react to any danger on the road increasing the risk of an accident.

Putting on make-up in the car or even as this survey suggests, shaving can also make it hard to see dangers that are happening at the rear of the car. Most people who carry out beauty routines behind the wheel of the car adjust the rearview mirror in order to see their face meaning their view to the rear of the car is either obstructed or completely out of view.

Other Occupants

Driving Distractions

When driving it is essential that you are concentrating on the road and not being distracted by things that are going on in the car; conversations, crying children and pets can all distract the driver. If possible travel with someone who can keep the children entertained and settle any crying that may happen. Always pull over if there are distractions in the car and deal with whatever is needed. Allowing extra time for your journey will make it easier to do this and not put pressure on the driver to just drive on and try and calm the children.

We are a nation of pet lovers and on many occasions, we love to take our pets, usually dogs out with us in the car. Recent changes in the law have meant that pets now need to be restrained in vehicles. A dog jumping around freely in a car can be a huge distraction and if the worst were to happen and a crash occurred it can result in injuries to not only the pet but also other passengers in the vehicle when a pet is thrown around the inside of the car.

As well as avoiding driving distractions it is also essential that your vehicle is well maintained and appropriate measures are taken in relation to the seasonal road conditions.

What do you find distracting when you are driving and what do you do to limit the distraction?


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