A Business On The Move Creates Big Problems

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[AD] Some of us are lucky to live on the go sorts of lifestyles. We travel around seeing family, or just seeing what countries we can explore next. But no doubt this money runs out, and we have to retreat back home to build up those pennies again get back at it. It’s the sort of lifestyle that we like to live, but a lot of you will have gone down the route of setting up your own little business to keep those funds going, and to make sure that you can always be on the go. But running a business whilst you’re on the go is not as easy as anyone would think. Usually, if your business is on the go it’s going to be an online service based business, no doubt. A totally great niche to find yourself in, because everything we do at the minute is only pretty much, and there is such a big market for people seeking online services such as coaching or marketing. But as we say, managing it with an on the go lifestyle is not as easy. For one, you feel like the business is more relaxed, so you then become more relaxed. To get you out of this mindset, and show you how you can perfectly manage an online business, we’re going to show you how you can avoid those big problems!

Getting Rid Of The Relaxed Mindset

The one thing that on the go business people struggle with, is staying in the mindset that their business needs. There are more periods of downtime because the focus is on whatever country they’re traveling around, or whatever the next event is that they’re attending. So it really is more of a relaxed business vibe, but that’s how the wrong sort of business comes about. Because there might be one time where you take a little break from your business, but you struggle to get the custom back up. So what you really need to make sure you’re doing, is keeping the business side of things at the forefront of your mind. An online business based around services isn’t really going to take up all of your day, so as long you get the business end of things done first, there’s the rest of the day to spend doing whatever it is that you need to do. There are so many people that are looking to set up an online-based services business because of how easy they are to manage, so make sure you stay on the ball so that you’re always the one people are choosing.

Staying On The Ball With Security

Because your business is not as intense as others might be, and it’s not something that you’re around all of the time, security is not going to be one of the things that you think about a lot. But it’s one of the things you really should be thinking about because just being an online-based business opens you up to a specific range of threats that could tear down your business. One common and very big problem at the minute is customer identity fraud. This is where people pose as customers you already have, order, and cause a whole world of problems for both you and the customer they’re impersonating. Jumio is just one brand that could help you stay safe from a threat like this by putting in a verification process. You then need to think about the other online security threats that might come your way, such as hacking. Using a VPS to host your website and server is a really good idea as it gives that added protection from people getting through to your website and database.

Keeping Up The Sales

To make sure that you keep up the sales, it’s all about putting on sales. Your business isn’t going to grow into an empire remaining a small on the go business, and it might be your intention for it to never go that way. So to make sure that you keep up the sales, you need to make sure that you’re putting on sale from time to time to draw attention, and market it well. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic sale, just a sale to catch people’s attention, to bring in either new or old custom! You should always make sure that you’re striving to keep sales steady by upholding your marketing and retaining old customers. Keeping the customers you already have is a lot easier than finding new ones!


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