5 Simple Ways to Go Green In Your Business

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[AD] With so many products and services, available it is important for businesses to stand out from their competitors. It is also essential that we keep our environment clean and to help us live a healthy life. Simple actions such as reducing, reusing, and recycling, can have a huge effect to help protect our environment for future generations.

Here are 5 simple steps a business can take today to save money and decrease its impact on the planet:

Energy Efficient Appliances

Most new electric appliances will have energy star ratings on them to show their efficiency. The next time your business needs to purchase new or replacement electronic appliances make sure to purchase the highest rating possible. This will not only help the environment but can save your business money as the item will be more efficient to run. Another way to help the environment is to ensure all electronic equipment and lights are switched off when not in use.

Walk Or Cycle

Walking or riding a bicycle has a number of benefits for not only your employees but also the environment. Walking or cycling can improve cognitive function, sleep and overall health and will also result in a reduction in pollution. By encouraging staff and customers to pursue healthier and more environmentally friendly forms of transport the benefits to their health and the environment will be achieved. One step a business can make to encourage cycling is to provide secure bicycle stands like these from Barriers Direct Bike Stands.

Use Green Cleaning Products

The chemicals in most cleaning products can have harmful implications for the environment and also the health of your employees. Where possible, switch these products for non-toxic environmentally friendly alternatives.

Go Paperless

So much of our lives have turned digital now. One way your business can help the environment is by going paperless. With the right electronic solutions in place, from electronic invoicing, payroll and even your accounts, you can drastically reduce your businesses carbon footprint by removing unnecessary paper from your office.

Recycle & Reuse


Installing recycling points for office, delivery, and manufacturing waste is one step all businesses should be undertaking but there are also ways to recycle other items. A lot of electronic items end up in landfills. If you replace electronic items, research how your old devices can be recycled but always be sure to remove all data from your devices before recycling them.

What actions are being taken to go green where you work?


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