2018 Life And Blog Goals; 6 Month Update

Life goals….what can I say?  Last year and the year before I made both life and work goals but google says a post needs to be a minimum of 300 words for it to be picked up in search engines and my life goals after the previous 2 years were


One little word.

Which meant I never actually wrote anything at the begining of the year.

Well, I’ve made it through six months of the year and I’ll be honest it’s been eventful and really not what I imagined or hoped for.  It started with someone thinking they were being cleaver and stirring things.  It was clearly stirring as I emailed them and said phone me and ask me what the truth is.  They didn’t, which clearly shows it was all done to hurt me.  With my health being how it was it did have their desired affect and literally took my health back to last summer fighting for my life.  But I’m still here, having moved on, happy as happy can be and they are still playing stilly little games and just not able to move on from things of their own making.

Life Goals

I thought it was time that I had a few more goals for this year apart from’survive’!  I’ve looked back at last years goals and what I did actually end up achieving by the end of the year and have carried forward the following goals from last year with a couple more that seem more appropriate for the current place I’m at in life:

Knit A Pair Of Socks

I’m STILL working on this.  One day I will get there!

Complete Three Crochet Projects

Still haven’t finished one project yet but and this is a big but, I haven’t started any others this year!  Like the knitting I am finding it hard with concentrating and also my RA and crapel tunnel really don’t help.  Some days, I can manage 15 mins of typing and have top rest by wrists which has meant a lot of the time now I dictate the post in to my phone, upload and then edit it.  It’s actually quicker and does same me so much pain.  Plus I get to rest my back as I can lie down and dictate, something I can’t do when typing.  I’ll be happy if I can make progress on one.  Think the finish three has well and truely gone out of the window now.

Complete The Upstairs Renovations On My House

Again, health has meant that this has needed to take a back seat last year.  Still need to put that one tile in the bathroom to finish it.  My wardrobes have been put together, the carpet ordered and then it needs fitting along with curtains and then I think I’m finished!  Still needing a DIY buddy to get things really moving and finished!

Afternoon Tea

I still intend to have afternoon tea every month.  I missed January as I wasn’t well enough to go anywhere and this month has been mad so I haven’t been anywhere this month either.  I’m hoping to drag someone out in July somewhere local and I have one booked for September already.  Well, I’ve not booked it a certain someone has as a treat after he has deserted me for a few months to go to the other side of the world!  I’ve been emailed a link to the Hotel’s spa and told to choose some treatments; he *might have got himself back in the good books lol.  Joking aside, this trip was planned some months before we got together and we did look in to me going but with my health being how it has been the past 12 months the medical insurance was in four figures and it also started with a 4!  I really wasn’t that desparate to go away!

I must say I have so many afternoon tea’s that I haven’t written about yet but I’m hoping to catch up really soon.  So when you see all the afternoon tea reviews being posted I haven’t gone on a mass eating spree as some of them are going back 10 months!  This was was last September and I wrote about it in June, some 9 months later.

Renovate two items of furniture

I’m changing this one to finish renovating my 1980s solid oak kitchen cupboards.  I’ve got 2 door fronts to finish and 3 drawer fronts.  Then comes the task of new worksurfaces but as I’m needing a new hob soon as mine is on the way out, two of the rings will only work on full as you hover over the buttons and the button to turn dowm from max doesn’t seem to work on them and I’m not cutting in to new worksurfaces to fit a hob that’s on it’s way out.  If I can just finish painted the cupboard doors I will be happy.

Develop Blog

There has been much progress although it may not be obvious. I’ve spent quite sometime coordinating my blog and social media plus designing coordinating pinnable images.  I’ve also narrowed my niche down which I’m quite happy with but like most things there is still plenty of work to be done mostly behind the scenes.  Lacking concentration and feeling dizzy on a daily basis means all of this work happens at a very slow pace.  I’m struggling with this as I’ve never had an issue with concentration or actually getting work done but these past 12 months my life really has been turned upside down.  It’s so hard to explain to others what an effect those 6 weeks in hospital had and I’m still nowhere near recovered, not that I will ever get back to how I was before but I’m hoping there are improvments.

Blog Goals

This year I wanted to:

Views And Social Media

I’d wanted to increas my page views and social media followers by 25%.  I think it is getting more difficult to increase followers on Facebook especially now the algorithms have all changed.  It’s as if you won’t get your page shown unless you pay for the page to be promoted.  I’m happy with Facebook as I’m now over the 1.000 mark.  Last year it just seemed to sit at 850ish and not move one bit.  An increas of about 270 in six months has made me really happy.  For the first time ever my Twitter followers has exceeded the number of followers on Instagram.  Not far off the year end goal on Twitter of 5k and about 1/3 of the increase I wanted on Instagram.  Hopefully putting some more work in to Instagram over the summer months.

Blog views have been fantastic and increasing month on month.  This month they have surprised me and by three weeks in I’d had my best month ever in over 8 years of blogging.

Email Subscribers

This year I wanted to double my email subscribers.  considering I started from scratch again with the GDPR rules coming in to plave the end of last month, I’m really happy to say that 6 months in I’ve already achieved this goal!  Now I’ve plans to double again by the end of the year.

Be More Organised And Schedule Posts In Advance And My Other Blogs

Too often I have been leaving posts to the last minute.  Plans were put in place the beginning of the year but with life being what it has been there have been a few hiccups along the way.  From the outside there may look like there is not much going on but it’s like a swan’s legs behind the scenes!

Publish An E-book

I have specific details all worked out in my head and I have started to make plans.  I am so excited about this book and I’ve been thinking about it now for around 18 months but with one thing and another distracting me I had not made much progress with putting the plans in to action.  I have done some work on it this year and I am pencilling in at least one hour a week to work on it  Really hoping I can get the book finished by the end of the year and then launched.  At this stage I’m not sure if I am going to actually publish it as an e book or whether it will be a paid pdf download.

Did you make any plans at the beginning of the year?  If so, how are you getting on with them?



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