12 Reasons To Love December

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December can be such a drag.  Christmas seems so close yet you have so many thuings that you feel you need to do to celebrate and also the list of things you wanted to do this year has hardly been dented.  The pressure, 99% of the time comes from ourselves and by us believing that we should do this, do that, do whatever or the whole of Christmas will be ruined.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we keep putting unrealistic pressures upon ourselves just because somebody decided Christmas isn’t Christmas without X,Y, Z and a sprinkling of A, B and C? 

I Know I’m guilty of thinking some of the following because it has been ingrained that I should think this way:

  • “The year is coming to an end and there’s so much I still wanted to do”
  • “It’s so depressingly dark and cold all the time”
  • “The stress of Christmas shopping and all the crowds is something I could happily live without”
  • “Everyone wants a piece of me before the year is up. Like the world is coming to an end on December 31st”

The list goes on.

But December doesn’t have to be like this.  There are plenty of reasons to love December and here are 12 reasons to love the last month of the year:

Hot Chocolate


By far my favourite beverage in December is hot Chocolate.  All the coffe shops bring out Christmas flavured hot chocolates from carmelised orange, Belgium truffle hot chocolatechilli hot chocolate to Crème Brûlée.

If you are in a coffee shop and like the sound of one of the festive coffee’s ask if you can have that flavour as a hot chocolate.  Everywhere I’ve asked this my request has always been accomodated.

Christmas Markets 


Regardless whether you’re into Christmas markets or not, you have to admit that they give the winter atmosphere a certain touch.  Christmas markets are held throughout the country, some are one day or weekend events and other will last the whole of December.  Christmas markets are packed with independant sellers stocking a varied degree of handmade gifts.  There are also Victorian fairgrouns ride for all the family to enjoy.  Christmas markets can e a foodies dream with homemade bakes and the more unusal Christmas burgers.

Many European Cities also hold Christmas Markets and short trips to European Cities are always popular.

Winter Wonderland 


As well as Christmas Markets, December also sees Winter wonderlands (and Santas) poping up all around the country.  From ancestral homes to parks such as Hyde Park in London festive decorations and activities bring great oportunities to make some family memories.

Ice Skating 

This time of year there are lots of ice rinks popping up in shopping centres and at Christmas markets.  They are always great fun for all the family.  If you are near Birmingham there is a pop up ice rink at Star City,  further details can be found here.

Christmas Lights


One thing I don’t like about December and the inter months is how quickly it get so dark.  I’m finding that I’m having to switch the lights on just after 3pm now.  But the dark night do have some good points.  Christmas lights are so pretty and I really love how festive and bright everywhere looks when the lights are switched on.  Places like Regent Street in London and Blackpool always put on such fantastic Christmas lights.  Even just walking around your town you’ll see some beautiful lights.

Homemade Baked Goodies


For us December is about all the lovely homemade baked goodies.  we love Christmas biscuits, although I’ve given up on putting them on the Christmas tree as they’d last about 2 hours.  Instead throughout the month I make multiple batches of Christmas cookies and homemade mince pies.

Winter Clothes

I don’t know about you but when december arrives with it’s cold and dark nights I love nothing more than coming home and putting some warm fluffy PJs on, some warm socks and sitting down in front of the TV watching a favourite Christmas movie while drinking hot chocolate.  If I need to go out it’s lovely to pop on a warm hat, gloes and a scarf to keep warm.  But most of all December is for matching PJs and Christmas jumpers and competing with friends and family to find the most hiddeous jumper ever!

Christmas Music

What’s not to love abouit endless Christmas songs playing?  I personally don’t think it would be Christmas without endless songs playing while we prepare Christmas lunch.  The Now that’s what I call Christmas is a firm favourite in our house.

Christmas Movies

Is it even Chruistmas without a family marathon of Christmas films?  From old classics like Miricle on 34th Street to more recent collections like Nativity there is a film for all the family to sit and enjoy together.



December is the time to reunite with family and friends and to spend time in each others company.  Too often during the year life just flashes by and we find far too often that we haven’t spent enough time with the ones we love having adventures and making memories.  

Reflection and Renewal

During the madness of December I personally find time to reflect on what has gone on the past year, look back at achievemnts, fun times and times where I have learnt new lessons and skills.  December is a time to wrap up the year, to wrap up old habits, to plan for new ones and a time for reflection and preparation. December brings a year to a close and time to plan future adventures.



I’m sure by now that you have heard all about Hygge the Danish word meaning “to give courage, comfort, joy”.  In other words Hygge is all about the simple comforts, a warm fire burning away, cosy blankets, candles, hot chocolate topped with cream and comforting food.  What better way to spend a December afternoon than cosying up and spending time with the ones you love. 

How will you be enjoying this December?

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