What’s the Best Way to See the World?

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Traveling the world is something on everyone’s bucket list. Every year, you see your Facebook friends talk about visiting some distant island and throwing themselves into the local culture, and then on Instagram, where you see photographs of landscapes and beaches and all the weird and wonderful things that come with world travel.  But what is the best way to see the world? Everyone who has traveled has done it their way, and will probably all swear by that method as number one. The thing is, there are so many different ways in which you can now see the world that deciding how you see it typically takes more time.


No matter where you go in the world, there will be tour agencies and travel agents itching to get you on their coach and barrel you up and down and around the country. These tours are great for those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands because of work commitments, so the company will typically organise everything for you.  Furthermore, there’s no need to fret over accommodation or transport, as this will have been pre-arranged. Additionally, even if you are travelling alone, you have the opportunity to meet loads of like-minded and exciting people who could end up as friends for life.


Choosing instead though, to make your own way around the world is something that will not compare to much else in life. When carving your own route across the globe, you get to experience the freedom that a tour deal doesn’t offer. Those doing-it-themselves have the option of staying in any place as long or as little as they like and can move on whenever they fancy.  Going your own way is great for solo travel, but can be even better with friends, whether it be by car or motorhome, and you can rent one from any local dealer in your area. Some people choose to modify they transport before leaving, so they have a proper place to sleep during those long trips through the middle of nowhere.


Of course, if money is tight, but you need to get away for a few months, then working as a volunteer anywhere all over the world is a possibility. The benefits of volunteering are that you don’t have to worry about spending money on accommodation and, on occasion, food if you are staying with a local family and helping out around the house.  But that’s not the only reason to consider volunteering. You will also get the opportunity to learn about local cultures from those who have actually live there. Also, if you volunteer at a hostel, you will meet many travelers passing through that you can build friendships with, and help you feel not so lonely.   However you choose to see the world, and in reality it doesn’t really matter, you will gain the experiences that will last a lifetime. Depending on your situation or your desires, what you want to get out of travelling, there are plenty of options to travel the globe and see as much as you want, however you want.

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