6 Exciting Vacation Ideas For Empty Nesters

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[AD] There are many years of exhaustion, nappy changes and school run that all parents go through. Throughout those years, they have the Disneyland holidays, the theme park holidays and the beach holidays with ice cream dripping everywhere to get through. Every single parent daydreams about the day that they can go on a holiday that doesn’t involve these things – even when they don’t want to admit it! 

There are only so many holidays involving zoos and theme parks that people can do in a lifetime before they’re in need of some rest and relaxation for themselves, and that’s why empty nesters distract themselves with holidays. This way, they get the holiday time that they’ve always dreamed about and it works as an excellent way to feel happy when they know their kids have finally moved out. These holidays usually require a little longer travel to far-flung places, a lot more wine and the type of brochures that say “adults only”.

Now is your time. It’s your time to see what appeals to you and you alone. There’s no need to go to places that have a person walking around in a giant fluffy mouse suit anymore! Instead, you can explore the Galapagos, roam in Rome and book Bolsover Cruise Club. It’s finally your time to book a holiday that suits your likes and dislikes, and below, we’ve got six exciting trip ideas to make your summer 2020 the best one yet.

Be Charmed By Charleston

If you’ve seen those films set in Southern America, you’ll have fallen in love with the horse-drawn carriages and the drawling accents. When you head to Charleston, you’ll get to immerse yourself in both of those things, enjoying a little Southern charm alongside some world-class architecture. There are restaurants, historic sites, friendly locals and a lot of colourful and simply majestic mansions at Rainbow Row. Want some adventure? Try surfing at Folly Beach – you won’t regret it!

Buenos Dias, Buenos Aires!

There’s something so vibrant about the Latin culture, and where better to enjoy a slice of it? Argentina boasts some 19th-century architecture to marvel at, along with walking tours that bring you straight to the heart of the city. The nightlife is to die for, so don’t forget to book a table for some succulent steaks and local wines to top it off. When you’re done, tango lessons are a must!

Over There In Cinque Terre!

There’s something wonderful about seeking out the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Cinque Terre has a beauty that is breathtaking. The five seaside towns that are well-placed within the Liguria coastline stand out for all the right reasons. Colourful houses are built into the steep cliffs, and the harbours are stuffed with eateries boasting fresh fish and delicious local wine. The biggest link to these towns is the Sentiero Azzurro Hiking Trail, which gives you those sweeping sea views for Instagrammable photos.

Unlimited Utah Hiking

Speaking of hiking in the Sentiero Azzurro Hiking Trail, another holiday destination idea is the Southern Utah Hiking trails. The kids may have flown the nest, but that doesn’t mean that you should sit back and wait for life to happen. Get those boots on and consider the vigorous hikes of Southern Utah. The Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef and Canyonlands and Zion national parks, filled with red rocks, canyons and arches are all very alien, but the views are just stunning. You don’t have to pitch a tent if you don’t want to: book a resort and enjoy your stay instead.

Peaceful Panama

Sometimes, the kids flying the nest gives you the chance to take a deep breath and book somewhere peaceful, and why not Panama? Panama City has tons of sights to see and if you head to the Panama Canal, it’s one to check off the bucket list, that’s for sure! 

Cruising Through Alaska

There are huge ships that crisscross the Caribbean and they cater to all of the families, but you want something a little less family-oriented and a little more for grown-ups! So, check out the adults-only cruises that take you through the Alaskan Inside Passage, with majestic glaciers and orcas to see, with untouched wilderness. There are three to four port towns to see, too, and you can take on excursions by kayak.

These ideas are not limited – you’re an empty nester now, which means that the kids have let go of your hand. And do you know what happens then? You get your hand back.


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