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Why spend a fortune on a holiday abroad when you can have a perfectly wonderful time at home? Not only will you save yourself some money, but you won’t have to endure the terrible mistakes that many travellers make at this time of year. Forgotten passports? Falling prey to tourist scams? You can avoid all of that stress with a summer staycation. To help you make the most of your time though, here are some tips we hope you will find useful.

Get your home summer ready, with everything you need to relax in your own surroundings. Sort the garden out, fix the aircon, and consider some home renovations, such as adding one of these conservatories by Visual. By organising yourself early enough, you will have a home and garden that is worth spending time in.

Stock up on essentials. If you intend to spend most of your time in your home environs, then it’s worth stocking up on everything you need to cut down on those trips to the supermarket. Aside from all the usual items you purchase, get in those summer goodies, including barbecue foods, ice creams, and plenty of cold drinks. Of course, if you do run out, you can still avoid the crowds of shoppers by doing all your shopping online.

Research your local area. There’s no harm in spending some time away from home, and there may be untapped locations you have never visited in and around your hometown. Check online on sites such as TripAdvisor, and get details of all the places worth visiting near you. Who knows what hidden gems you will find?

Give yourself the hotel experience, and hire yourself a maid service, even if it’s for only one day. Why should you waste your holiday time cleaning the house when somebody else can do it for you? You might also indulge in those other hotel pleasures, such as booking a spa day or heading over to the local massage parlour to help you fully destress and unwind.

Do something different, taking part in something that is away from your usual run of the mill routine. Your local college may be holding special summer classes in art or pottery, as examples. The leisure centre may have coaching lessons, so you could learn a new sport. You might also take part in something a little more adventurous, such as heading to an indoor climbing centre or going for a hike up a nearby mountain. Those who travel during their vacation time often crave something new and uncharted, so why shouldn’t you?

Prepare for rainy days. We hope the sun stays out all summer long, but being in the UK, we know that’s not always the case. You need a backup plan for things to do at home, such as indoor games for the kids, getting back to your Netflix watchlist, or creating social opportunities indoors. Again, consider the town you live in, and look for indoor activities being held at local museums, libraries, and community centres.

There’s no reason why a summer at home shouldn’t be a fun one, so we hope our tips have been useful for those of you not going away on holiday this year. Whatever you do, we hope you have a fantastic time.

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