Spring Visit To York

This seems like ages ago now but it was only back in March that I went away for a few days to York.  I’ve been to York so many times both as an adult and a child and I have always loved the city.  This time the visit was all about the food!  Three days of visiting as many lovely food places as we could and fitting in a little sight seeing around the city between places.

York is probably famous for three things; The Minster, The Shambles and Betty’s Tea Shop.  This visit to York included all three.

In the bright spring sun the minster look stuning from all angles.  Such an iconic building and from looking at it you can’t fail to question how the Minster was built without tody’s modern technology.  The lifting of each brick was done by sheer human muscle, the intricate carved stones and the impressive windows.

Craftmanship like this is dying and when repair are needed on these type of building it is becoming harder and harder to find craftsmen.

Then there is the river Ouse that flows throughout York with all the ancient narrow bridges.

The ancient building that were once gate houses all along the river banks at each of the bridges.  The ancient architecture  which gives such dramtic backdrops to walks along the river banks.

Clifford Tower which was once part of York Castle still stands today on its grass mound with views of the city all around.

The medieval building that still stand today and just feel like they belong all amoungst the modern buildings.

Th old market square bustling with modern stalls sitting amoungst old buildings.

Then there is the famous Shambles.  The little street still with it’s wonky build shops but today trading all things modern and tourist.  The city has many meusums and tourist attractions telling the story of this world famous city.  From the Vikings to the Romans York’s history is there to be seen.

In amoungst all of this old buildingds are modern shops that make York a fantastic place for food, shopping and seeing English History at it’s best.

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