5 Easy Mistakes Travellers Make And How To Avoid Them

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Travelling is so fun and exhilarating, and I always look to get the most out of it. There is so much wonder and beauty beyond our shores, and we owe it to ourselves to enjoy and experience it. There is so much opportunity awaiting us just a plane ride away. But, all travellers make mistakes that can sometimes impact on their journey in a negative sense. I know I’ve made my fair share in the past, and I’m sure you have too. The best way to avoid these mistakes? Learn from others!


You might think that underpacking is a bigger mistake, but people are far more likely to overpack than under pack! Overpacking is a real inconvenience and leaves you with a lot of stuff you don’t need or won’t use. It’s a waste of suitcase space and makes your luggage much heavier (and expensive)!

So, how to get around the problem? Well, my suggestion would be to plan your packing in advance before you do it. When thinking about future travel plans I always have a packing list in the back of my mind, and this is something you need to think about as well. Write out a list and use it to help you pack more efficiently. You can thank me later!

No Insurance


It’s amazing how many people these days go traveling and don’t bother sorting out their insurance! Missed flights are one of the most frustrating aspects of travel, and around 25% of travellers claim to have missed a flight at some point. Despite this, it is revealed that close to 30% of travellers don’t protect themselves with insurance when they travel abroad. Missing flights can be pricey and inconvenient, and the cost of medical fees abroad can be sky-high. So make sure you hunt around before you go and find yourself the best possible insurance deal to cover everything you need.

Getting Scammed


Don’t assume that just because you are abroad and away from home that everything is some tranquil paradise. Scammers operate in all countries in the world, and, as a tourist, you are a prime target. Be very wary of people approaching you and offering services at a discounted rate. Make sure you only book things through validated tour operators; I always ask at my hotel about this kind of thing to get it sorted as soon as possible.

Not Budgeting/Taking Enough Money


There is nothing worse when you go away than running out of cash before the end of your trip. Nothing is going to ruin your travel experience more than this, yet so many people don’t budget effectively. Make sure you do some research before you leave and find out the average living costs of a day in whichever city you plan to visit. That way you can factor in how much you need to bring with you to be financially comfortable. I also wouldn’t recommend using a credit card unless you are faced with a genuine emergency.

Leaving Stuff Until the Last Minute


We all do it, but it’s a habit all of us need to get out of. Going travelling is meant to be a relaxing and stress-free experience, and this is hardly likely to happen if everything is a last minute rush. Start planning your trip with plenty of time to spare, and this will reduce a lot of stress and make you less likely to forget things.

Research the city, plan things to do, book activities and places if necessary, sort your money out, and plan your packing. There is a lot to sort out, and you have to make sure you aren’t leaving it until the last minute.

Travel is an adventure, and it should be a memorable one for the right reasons. This means avoiding some of the easy mistakes that a lot of people make when they go abroad. These are five of the biggest mistakes I feel travellers make on holiday, what do you guys think? Can you come up with any others? Drop me a line with your suggestions below in the comments!

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