European Road Trip Plans; France

Back in 2011, my brother got married in Lithuania and as the wedding was taking place at the beginning of August, we decided to add on a few more destinations to our month-long journey around Europe after the wedding.  Me being me, as you can see from above, spent the whole 4 weeks in a wheelchair as I had slipped and broke my knee cap 2 weeks before we went, plus I ended up with a huge bruise on my temple!  Thankfully we were making a road trip of Europe or I may have had issues flying.  Our holiday was fantastic and we visited 10 European countries and saw some amazing sights, however, the fact I was in a wheelchair did greatly influence what we could do.  I’ve wanted to repeat part of our trip for some time now as we loved the history and sights as well as local culture.  We all loved The Alps and would love to visit again.

We took the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, this crossing is cheaper than the popular Port of Calais and if you are travelling to Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and down to The Alps in France it will also save you quite a few hours driving too. When we went to Disneyland Paris the year before, taking the ferry to Dunkirk actually saved nearly two hours driving time in France!  I cannot stress enough about scheduling in rest stops throughout your trip, especially when travelling with children.  Believe me you won’t have smiles with over tired children and although it might seem feasible to travel to The French Alps in one day, it’s an extremely tiring journey for both the driver and passengers.  An overnight stop in the historic city of Reims in the Champagne wine-growing region would be ideal.

Last time we stayed in major cities, but I’d love to have a base to travel actually out in The Alps away from all the hustle and bustle of city life and all of the many tourists. Camping in France would be an ideal solution for us, as we could have the best of self-catering facilities and restaurants on our doorstep too with the freedom to tailor our itinerary to our interests.

When we toured Europe last time I can honestly say by the end of the holiday we had really ate enough restaurant food to last a lifetime and were craving simple home cooked meals, so to have the chance to make our own snacks and food would be ideal.  Although no foreign holiday would be complete without trying the local cuisine.

A holiday at a self-catering holiday parc would also give us on-site amenities, such as swimming pools, water slides, cycle hire, tennis courts, games rooms with pool tables and table tennis, canoeing and golf, for the older kids!  The facilities are great for kids of all ages and perfect for teens to go off and explore the facilities on site and a little downtime from sight seeing is always welcome.

When we were in Salzburg, Austria we went over the border in to Germany, high up in The Alps is Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest.  The views on the way up to the top are breath taking and at The Eagle’s Nest on a clear day you can literally see for miles across The Alps which surround the mountain top.

I’m quite sure being based in Southern France in The Alps would give us fantastic sightseeing trips out to see the stunning scenery, as well as visits to nearby cities and National and Wildlife parks that are in the area.

And where would I recommend an overnight stay on the way back?  Well, there can be only one place, Bruges; the European Capital of chocolate, the slight detour to Belgium will be well worth it!

Have you got any plans for a European Road trip?  Is it something you have ever considered?


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