Bucharest Experience – What to Expect?

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[AD] Situated in the most turbulent area of Europe the Romanian capital serves as a great example of a newly born modern city that amazes every visitor. For ages, these once isolated places remained hidden from the eyes of many curious visitors who wanted to dwell into Dracula’s lands. Today Bucharest is evolving into one of the main European tourist hotspots and its low cost of great party possibilities is just one of the many aspects of the cities attractions. Stay with us to find out how is it possible that this city started to magnetize so many visitors eager for best leisure possible.

Nightlife in Bucharest is arguably the best one you can find on Balkan peninsula. One of the special things you will discover among Balkan folk is a great need to celebrate every nice occasion they can. That phenomenon occurred from harsh history that sadly repeated itself throughout the rich past that destroyed and rebuilt these lands. Romania today is in a phase of prosperity and alluring beauty that leaves 3 million satisfied visitors annually. With tremendous communist-era, Art-Nouveau and Gothic architecture the city is blooming with a unique touch that can be proudly titled as “Bucharest experience”. The famous wide and broad boulevards are interconnected in a lush tree line web that leaves you with routes to take a long walk and photograph breathtaking scenery on every few steps. The undoubted king of every Bucharest postcard is the most famous landmark better known as the Palace of the parliament. It is the heaviest and the largest construction that can be found in Europe. Nothing breathes more with tremendous expectations that Ceausescu envisioned for its people then this extraordinary building. It is also the brutal representation of harsh discipline that citizens of Bucharest felt as they were forced to mercilessly build this monument. Dozens of cultural monuments resembled in Gothic and Art-Nouveau style can be found further into the city that stands as a testament to the other half of Bucharest cultural spectrum. Romanian Athenaeum is a beautiful example of Romanian architecture from the 19th century. The domed, circular building is the city’s main concert hall located in the city center. From there the long miles of famous landmarks can be found everywhere you head off too.


Bucharest is home to 9 paradise-like parks with artificial lakes and various botanical gardens. They are, according to many visitors, the best spot to relax after a long day of walking or they can come as a perfect remedy for your last night’s heavy drinking in this thriving party hub. The clubbing scene is what makes Bucharest allure thousands of youngsters each weekend to flock into the city. There is a huge variety of options to spend your nighttime in Bucharest. Ranging from electro-dance events to live performance bands that won’t stop playing sometimes days in a row. The best clubs in Bucharest are located right in the city Centre and you won’t have trouble finding them even paying a visit to many of them in only one night. The colorful restaurants will capture your attention as soon as you arrive. They serve international dishes as well as traditional cuisine that you will fall in love with the first bite. There are also unique pubs and bars as well as open cafes that also serve as an amazing relaxation spot with more than affordable prices. Most of the visitors swear that for half of the cost elsewhere you can have triple the satisfaction in this city. For all that is worth, no one leaves Bucharest without mind and camera full of memories and unstoppable will to return once more to Romanian capital.


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