5 Reasons To Visit Phoenix, Arizona

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[AD] When you think of visiting the US, what springs to mind? Odds are you’re probably thinking about New York, California or Florida, right?

There are some truly amazing destinations in the US that could offer more than you know, and Phoenix, Arizona is certainly one of them. As America’s fifth largest city, it has plenty to offer and is an excellent place to plan your next travel adventure.

Take a look at five reasons why you should visit Phoenix.

The Weather

Phoenix is a great destination if you’re a sun worshipper. The winters are mild, and the summers are hot, and there is plenty of sunshine to be seen all year round. While you won’t find any beaches in Phoenix, there are still plenty of ways you can soak up those rays and enjoy some incredible weather.

The Shopping

Phoenix has a lot to offer keen shoppers. Whether you like to purchase designer goods or high street is more your thing, Phoenix’s many malls make it a great destination to have some fun with your credit card. While the exchange rate isn’t as good as it used to be, you should take advantage of the lower prices of home-grown brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Levi which can still save you money compared to the prices back home.

The Grand Canyon

Just a short car journey from Phoenix is, of course, the Grand Canyon. A must-see during your visit to Arizona, a trip to one of the seven natural wonders of the world is something you won’t forget. Take a helicopter ride or enjoy a guided tour – there are many different ways to explore the Grand Canyon.

It’s Great For Multi Destination Trips

With flight times of up to ten hours to get to the West Coast of the US, you’ll want to make the most of it while you’re there. Multi-destination trips are particularly popular for enjoying the West Coast, and you can plan a trip to Phoenix, Las Vegas and some of California’s best cities all in one trip. If you book a stay at the Phoenix Airport Marriott, you’ll be able to hop on a plane easily to your next destination. Arizona shares a border with Mexico too, so if you wanted to add some extra time to your holiday, you’ll find plenty of great places to enjoy in Mexico.

The Food

America has some excellent foodie destinations, and you won’t be disappointed with the range on offer in Phoenix. From cool coffee shops, amazing brunch spots and some incredible places to get a burger. Be sure to take your stretchy trousers, as you’re going to be doing a lot of eating during your visit!

Could a visit to Phoenix be on the cards for you? With flights to the US getting cheaper all the time, now is a great time to plan your visit. Take a look at some more travel articles to get inspiration for your next adventure, and enjoy exploring some wonderful new destinations.


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