5 Great Reasons To Visit York

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[AD] York is one of the most popular city break destinations in England. Here are just five great reasons to add York to your travel bucket list.

It’s teeming with historical attractions

York’s history dates back to the Roman Empire. Since then, it has remained a major city and consequently, there is a lot of history to explore. One of the most renowned attractions is York Minster – a huge gothic cathedral with origins dating back to the 600s. There’s also York Castle and the city’s medieval walls. On top of these historic buildings, there are plenty of museums for learning about York’s past including the Castle Museum, Jorvik Viking Centre and National Railway Museum just to name a few. All in all, it’s the perfect city for history lovers.

It’s home to the prettiest street in the UK

The Shambles has frequently been awarded the title of ‘prettiest street in the UK’. The historic narrow street is one of York’s most popular attractions and contains an array of quirky shops and restaurants. The Shambles was the inspiration for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter novels and there are a number of wizard-themed shops along the street too. The Shambles can get pretty crowded and is best visited early in the day.

It’s one of the culinary capitals of Britain

Those hoping to find a nice restaurant in York will be spoilt for choice. The city has long attracted foodies and many world-class chefs have set up restaurants here. Chocolate is one of York’s specialties and the city is home to Rowntree’s and Terry’s. The food markets of York are also some of the most renowned in the UK.

It’s also renowned for its pubs

It was once said that there were enough pubs in York to visit a new one every day of the year. Like most places in Britain, York has sadly lost many of its pubs in the last few decades, however, there are still an impressive number to choose from. Many of these pubs are historic (some are even haunted). There are also many unusual bars with odd themes and unique selections of drinks.  

There are always events and festivals on

One of the best things about York is that there’s always a new event or festival going on. This includes everything from food events to historical re-enactments to art exhibitions to music festivals. There are also ongoing events such as ghost tours and historical tours. You can find details on events in York online


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