This Was June 2018

These nine photographs were my most popular ones on Instagram last month.  A little work, a cocktail and plenty of tea.  That sort of sums up last month!  The cocktail was from my visit to the opening of The Head Of Steam’s in Birmingham which was a fun night filled with great food.

It may look as if all I did was drink tea last month but the month was filled with much much more than just drinking tea.  I had some great time with friends sitting out in the garden wnjoying this lovely weather we are having, although personally I was sat in the shade as I don’t do sitting in direct sunlight.  I am quite happy now the temperature has dropped a few degrees and isn’t so scorching hot as it has been.  I also finding I’m able to sleep better with it being cooler.

I also started work on some tea related merchandise; mugs, cushions, keyrings and totes to name a few.  There are other items and designs to add over the next few weeks.

I have also been busy working on a goal planning e course which I was hoping to launch this week but due to the heatwave I’ve not been too well and the course is not quite finished.  I’ll most likely be launching this the end of August now.  The end of this month will see a week of Alice posts and a competition to win some lovely Alice goodies.

What did you get up to during June?



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