I’m Disowning My Daughter

Yes, you read that right.

I’m disowning my daughter. After nearly 12 years of her in my life I can take no more. Her behaviour last night was unforgivable.

You see, she dunked a biscuit in her tea.

I walked in to the lounge and caught her doing it. Dunking that rich tea biscuit in that gorgeous cup of tea.

dunking biscuit in tea

I nearly keeled over right where I was standing.

Such a waste of beautiful tea.

I just don’t know where this behaviour had come from. Is it in her genes?  Her Father dunked biscuits. It disgusted me every time he did. But she hasn’t seen him for over 5 years. Surely she can’t remember him doing it. I’ve never seen her dunk a biscuit before. Why has she started doing it?

If im being honest I really don’t know where my disgust of biscuit dunking comes from. I don’t ever remember dunking a biscuit but I know I wouldn’t like it. The thought of eating a soggy biscuit churns my stomach. The thought of bits of soggy biscuit in my tea disgusts me even more.

I know of no blood relative you dunked biscuits until yesterday. It’s something that will not be repeated.

Are you a biscuit dunker?

Is it only acceptable to dunk in tea or can you dunk in a cup of coffee?

Is it a British thing?

While You ponder these questions I’m off to drown myself in buckets of tea until I get over the shock of this all.

It’s all been a little too much for me.


  • Kim Carberry

    13th May 2015 at 1:33 PM

    hahaha! I rarely drink tea but when I do I have to have a biscuit to dunk! I have never though of dunking them in coffee though. I find that unacceptable! Enjoy your tea x

  • Kimmie

    25th February 2016 at 6:33 PM

    Bwahahahaha! Hilarious post. I dunk…in tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and milk. I’ve even been known to dunk in warm blackcurrant juice 😉 Blooming annoying if you get the dreaded dunk-drop… but oh so worth the risk 😉

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