Let’s Talk About Adagio Tea

The lovely people at Adagio Teas recently contacted me and asked if I would like to try some of their black loose tea.  Being a huge tea fan I jumped at the chance.  What was delivered to me was a huge surprise.  They very kindly sent me 18 packets of tea, a pack of paper tea filters, a ingenuitea pot and a glass mug and infuser.  Both perfect for making a lovely brew using loose leaf teas.

The black teas come is a variety of blends such as English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast and Scottish Breakfast (sorry these are the ones I’ve tried!) but there are other blends such a Golden Monkey, coconut, raspberry and spiced apple chai.

Irish Breakfast

I tried the Irish Breakfast tea first which is described as:

a combination of black tea from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Assam (India) to get your morning off to a bright start. As its name implies, Irish Breakfast tea is an ideal accompaniment to a morning meal. It seamlessly blends the citrusy notes of high-grown Ceylon tea with the malty underscore of a pungent Assam tea. With a deep and brisk flavour, Irish Breakfast tea is rounded off with sweetness in the finish. Irish Breakfast is a classic black tea to be enjoyed plain or with a drop of milk. 

The Irish Breakfast tea was a deep rich flavour just how I like my first cup of tea.  I going to put my head on the line here and say this is probably the best Irish Breakfast Tea I’ve ever had; even beats my previous favourite from that famous London store that provides tea for the Royal Family!  I can not recommend this tea enough!

Scottish Breakfast


After a misty morning walk upon the highlands, sit down to this hearty Scottish Breakfast tea. This rich blend stems from four famous tea farming regions in Assam, Keemun, Yunnan, and Sri Lanka. The full black tea leaves create a warming cup with malty, smoky notes. It is also said to be a favourite of an anonymous resident from Loch Ness, who drinks monstrous gallons a year.

Not quite as rich as the Irish Breakfast but still a strong tea with a smoky undertone.  Rather nice on a lazy Sunday morning when a real strong tea is not needed to wake you up for a busy work day ahead.

English Breakfast


is the foremost favourite black tea blend, found in the majority of British households and across Europe as the standard black tea. However, this classic blend comes in many varieties, our own English Breakfast Tea is made with Keemun tea from the Anhui province in China, celebrated for it’s rich and slightly smokey flavour with a honey aroma – perfectly ‘on point’ with astringency. English Breakfast tea can be enjoyed plain or with a drop of milk.

A lovely strong brew and perfect accompaniment to a homemade afternoon tea or an afternoon self care break.

The loose leaf glass infuser and the IngenuiTea are really lovely products for brewing just 1 large or 2 smaller cups of tea.  The IngenuiTea worked perfectly with my Cath Kidston cups and mugs so that’s instant brownie points from me!  Often I find loose leaf tea doesn’t brew in small quantities in a teapot and I end up needing to stir.  I did not need to stir the brewing leaves at all and the filter worked brilliantly in ensuring no leaves went in to the cup.  They really are the best one cup infusers I tried and believe me I’ve tried many and everytime little bits of tea leaf go in to the cup; with these there were none.


Now on to the giveaway.  The 15 packs of tea in the giveaway are:

  • Golden Monkey
  • Coconut
  • Raspberry
  • Spiced Apple Chai
  • Fiery Cinnamon Spice
  • Hazelnut
  • Black Dragon Pearls
  • Masala Chai
  • Summer Rose
  • Passionfruit
  • Fujian Bargue
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Darjeeling Sungma Summer
  • Chocolate Chai
  • Caramel

The competition is for 15 23g packets of tea, as above.  Only 5 packets shown for photographic purposes.

You can find out more about these blends at Adagio’s website.



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  1. Rachel Carey
    23rd May 2018 / 3:44 PM

    I love Darjeeling and Jasmine tea. I like the light teas rather than Assam type teas. It looks like a fab competition X

  2. 24th May 2018 / 2:48 PM

    I really like fruit tea. Strawberry flavoured is my favourite.

  3. Jayne Kelsall
    24th May 2018 / 4:15 PM

    I love fruit teas, love the sweetness and different tastes .x

  4. Margaret GALLAGHER
    25th May 2018 / 1:29 AM

    Green tea find it so refreshing and tasty

  5. iain maciver
    25th May 2018 / 10:06 AM

    I love quite a range of different teas

  6. Wise Ways
    25th May 2018 / 5:20 PM

    Has to be ordinary loose leaf tea pot made builders tea hot strong with a splash of rice milk

  7. pete c
    25th May 2018 / 7:45 PM

    both black tea and fruit teas are my favourites

  8. Margaret Clarkson
    25th May 2018 / 9:18 PM

    Black tea – I like it medium strength with milk

  9. john prendergast
    25th May 2018 / 9:27 PM

    peppermint tea is my favourite

  10. claire woods
    26th May 2018 / 10:07 AM


  11. emma kinsey
    26th May 2018 / 10:13 AM

    black tea is best

  12. Kim Neville
    26th May 2018 / 10:53 AM

    My favourite is green tea

  13. Jade Hewlett
    26th May 2018 / 11:32 AM

    My favourite tea is peppermint tea as it’s tasty and refreshing

  14. Kim M
    26th May 2018 / 7:18 PM

    Like Black tea x

  15. Solange
    26th May 2018 / 8:04 PM

    I like green tea

  16. Sheena Batey
    26th May 2018 / 10:03 PM

    My favourite is Earl Grey preferably accompanied by a nice piece of cake

  17. Susan B
    27th May 2018 / 1:18 PM

    I enjoy drinking all types of tea without milk but usually choose one of the redbush varieties.

  18. Dani S
    27th May 2018 / 4:42 PM

    Green tea! Have it every day

  19. Liam Fitzpatrick
    28th May 2018 / 3:17 PM

    I really like camomile tea in the evenings after work 🙂

  20. Emma C
    29th May 2018 / 8:19 AM

    Green tea is my favourite

  21. Judith Allen
    29th May 2018 / 4:42 PM

    Rosehip and hibiscus herbal please, my partner and daughter are the real tea fans.

  22. sheri Darby
    29th May 2018 / 10:01 PM

    I love mint tea – it is so refreshing

  23. Adrian Bold
    31st May 2018 / 3:46 AM

    My favourite is green tea.

  24. jo liddement
    31st May 2018 / 8:33 AM

    I love all tea but i do enjoy drinking a chamomile tea before bed as it really helps to to unwind and sleep.

  25. Jules page
    31st May 2018 / 12:31 PM

    I love all teas.

  26. Anthea Holloway
    31st May 2018 / 2:09 PM

    I love black tea, rich and satisfying. Loose of course!

    31st May 2018 / 3:30 PM

    My favourite is English Breakfast tea. I couldn’t survive without it. I drink umpteen cups throughout the day.

  28. sharon martin
    31st May 2018 / 5:25 PM

    i like a black tea, an assam and english breakfast are my favourites

  29. Sue Bebbington
    31st May 2018 / 10:18 PM

    Love a fruity tea.

  30. Cassandra D
    1st June 2018 / 1:09 AM

    I like different types of fruit teas.

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