• Christmas Food; Homemade Mince Pies

    10th December 2018

    Christmas isn’t Christmas without homemade mince pies. Flaky buttery sweet pastry encasing rich mincemeat full to the brim with rich decadent fruits and that lovely sticky sauce. If you’re lucky it will also have a little alcohol, brandy, for example, mixed in as well. My Grandmother was a tremendous sweet pastry cook. He pastry was…

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  • Chocolate And Raspberry Trifle

    7th December 2018

    Everyone loves an easy dessert.  One that is quick to make but looks and tastes like you have taken forever to make.  This is a cheat’s chocolate and fresh raspberry trifle with no cooking or baking involved. Chocolate roll or chocolate cake 200g of dark chocolate Punnet of raspberries Seedless raspberry jam 250g Mascarpone cheese…

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