I hoping that by looking at this blog you have an understanding of my tea drinking habits. I like a strong breakfast tea, I’m not one for Earl Grey or green teas just a typically British builders tea. I’ll admit I drink way too much tea. Being a large tea drinker I have a little obsession with afternoon tea. When I turned 40, three years ago. We went out for afternoon tea. I loved it! There is something about sitting down to a nice cup of tea with cakes and dainty sandwiches.  There is also something about pretty about having afternoon tea… View Post

I absolutely love handbags.  I cannot remember the last time I didn’t use one.  I’m certainly not one of these women who put their purse and phone in their pockets and head on out for the day.  I just cannot go out without my handbag as I like to have things with me that I may need during the day.  I like to have things with me that I may not need.  What I’m trying to say is that I must have ‘stuff’ with me at all time when I leave the house.  Now my idea of what is important… View Post