I really can’t believe it is the first of July in a few days time.  Half the year has gone in the blink of an eye! Promote your Instagram by sharing your most-liked photos. Do you meal prep? Share your go-to recipes. Review a book on your summer reading list. Compile a list of affordable wedding guest outfits. How do you organize a small space? Write a blog with photos. Document a DIY project wand share a tutorial. Host a guest blogger in your niche. Hold a summer-themed giveaway for your readers! Share 5 summer fashion tips for the office.… View Post

Life goals….what can I say?  Last year and the year before I made both life and work goals but google says a post needs to be a minimum of 300 words for it to be picked up in search engines and my life goals after the previous 2 years were ‘survive’. One little word. Which meant I never actually wrote anything at the begining of the year. Well, I’ve made it through six months of the year and I’ll be honest it’s been eventful and really not what I imagined or hoped for.  It started with someone thinking they were… View Post

It seems like ages a go that I was last in Scotland in Perth eating this amazing afternoon tea at The Bothy with an old university friend who I used to live with.  Then I look back and realise it was ages ago as it was last September.  Even though part of my brain thinks it was just last week when I remember the reminising we did about our uni days.  It’s always such fun spending time with old friends and having a good old catch up. We were shown to our table and out tea order was taken.  There… View Post

Booking a romantic city break with your partner is an excellent way to unwind from the stresses of modern life and enjoy your time together. You make all the final decisions when it comes to choosing the location and the activities you plan to enjoy. However, there are some tips in this article that you might like to think about when putting all the arrangements in place. While you don’t have to visit any of the cities mentioned in this post, other people tend to have a fantastic time, and there is plenty to keep you occupied, regardless of your… View Post

You bedroom is one of those rooms in your home that can often be a little low on the priority list when it comes to decoration or investing your time into making it a nice space. You focus more on the rooms people will see or even things like children’s bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. However, clutter and a small space can mean your bedroom and you feel overwhelmed. So I thought I would share witty you some of the space saving ideas for your bedroom. Image source Fitting the TV to the wall Many of us like a TV in our… View Post

Last week I wrote about our trip to Llandudno that we had taken a while back. We had four days away in North Wales and made the most of things. We actually stayed in Conwy, in a lovely hotel I have stayed at three times now.  All the rooms are decorated in their own indivual style and the beds are huge! We had gone to Llandudno to eat o our first evening at The Cottage Loaf and had gone back to Llandudno the following day to have a walk around and afternoon tea.  We also went up to the top… View Post

It can be quite isolating working from home.  Quite often I don’t physically speak to anybody all day.  I may email, message people on social media and text but its just not the same as talking to a real person face to face.  I also find there can be many distactions as you don’t have other people to motivate you or a bosses ye buring in the back of your head making you feel like you have to be that productive that you can’t even stop to breathe.  The main thing I struggle with and have done since I first… View Post