I often read about increasing household debt (excluding mortgages), and feel grateful to be in a position where we can make ends meet each month, and even save a bit too. There’s no denying that with all the fallout from the Election, Brexit and more, these feel like particularly uncertain times, and it becomes a major challenge to secure the financial future of our families. One thing which appears increasingly elusive in the eyes of Brits is retirement, with recent research showing that 21 per cent of us believe retirement won’t be possible until at least the age of 70… View Post

I love Wales and if I’m honest Welsh beaches are as hot as I can stand. I don’t do heat. But these are my 5 favourite beaches. All in North Wales Tywyn The Welsh seaside town that I always holidayed at and I actually lived there for 3 years. Beautiful and sandy. Averdovey Just a few miles south from Tywyn. Again a lovely sandy beach. Barmouth The popular Welsh holiday town again has a lovely sandy beach. Cricceith  Travelling further north you reach the quaint town of Cricceith with the castle looking down upon the beach. Such a stunning view… View Post

Over the course of the past few years, hydronic towel warmers have risen so sharply in popularity that they can now be considered an essential bathroom heating solution all across the globe. And it is not difficult to see why they have become so sought after in recent times, given that they provide both an efficient means for heating towels and the bathroom area in general, as well as attractive aesthetics that will enhance the look of the space. Heated towel racks can also offer a sense of luxury designer style that it is difficult for other accessories to project,… View Post

…has been an interesting one. I came out of hospital last Saturday after being in for 6 weeks and I must say its been a long and tiring week. Firstly I really don’t do the heat and I have been struggling to sleep. I have had 2 nights where I did not sleep at all. Tuesday and Friday night. I have also been really dizzy. I actually fainted on Thursday. At the time I thought nothing of it. Got up and dusted myself down. However, come Friday morning I really knew I had fainted. The base of my back hurt… View Post

I have been carrying out renovations on my house the last 12 months and having just come out of hospital after 6 weeks and having come close to my own mortality I am looking for a stress free and uncomlicated life.  I can not believe how this has all mental and physically has affected me and I’m longing for the simple life.  After being so ill, I don’t want to be surrounded by things that take time to keep on top of,  I’m looking for simplicity and feel now is the time to get organised and downsize the household responsibilities.… View Post

Yes, I’ve been missing from my blog this past month but I’ve not been in action at all. At the end of April I was sent to a surgical assessment ward at my local hospital by my GP. What happened next was bizarre. It’s something I’m still processing in my own head which I need to do before I can share with others. Things as they say went pear shaped and rather serious things happened. It’s now the last day of May and I’m still here in hospital. I hope I’ve passed the turning point but after a little hiccup… View Post

I really think the work ‘love’ is used to often in inappropriate circumstances too often. I believe until you really have had your heart truly broken you can’t appreciate love in its rawest form which is what we should be striving for. Love is used to often to relate to material and frivolous things. That to me has nothing to do with love. It’s about putting everything on hold or at risk for someone, the desire to need nothing else in your life. But your heart can break so badly when you are told you are loved and you find… View Post