We often talk about how difficult modern life is and how, despite all our amazing technologies and lifestyle enhancing gadgetry, we are still stressed out. Feeling a little frazzled is the new normal as work, socialising and our home lives get busier and busier and we forget when we last had any down time or a moment to be by ourselves. But stress isn’t something we should ignore either. There are enough lifestyle bloggers out there warning us of the effects of stress on our physical and mental well-being so what do the symptoms look like and how can we… View Post

There are more cars on British roads than there have ever been and because of this the risk of accidents also sadly increases and casualties and sadly fatalies are also on the increase too. Modern life brings so many driving distractions, many of which can quite easily be avoided. When it comes to accidents on our roads: Research has shown that 95% of accidents on British roads can be partly blamed on human error. However, 75% of these accidents are attributed wholly to human error. If care and common sense had been applied the majority of these accidents could have… View Post

The city of Hamburg has a well-deserved reputation as Germany’s Gateway to the World. For centuries curious travelers docked in Europe’s second largest port in hope to enjoy all the festivities this amazing place has to offer. The wealthiest nation of Europe always preferred to add the most extravagant opportunities for new visitors to amaze them like no other.Here are the five most famous attractions you can find during your holiday in Hamburg. Reeperbahn The undisputed main attraction of all groups who arrived for their Hamburg stag do weekend as well as the very thing that gave Hamburg its controversial… View Post

Situated in the most turbulent area of Europe the Romanian capital serves as a great example of a newly born modern city that amazes every visitor. For ages, these once isolated places remained hidden from the eyes of many curious visitors who wanted to dwell into Dracula’s lands. Today Bucharest is evolving into one of the main European tourist hotspots and its low cost of great party possibilities is just one of the many aspects of the cities attractions. Stay with us to find out how is it possible that this city started to magnetize so many visitors eager for… View Post

Our passions in life are the things that drive us. Whether it’s something active like hiking, yoga or horse-riding, crafting and card-making or hunting for antiques, choosing the right laptop for you or even just getting lost in a really good book, having the opportunity to find and practise these things that makes our hearts sing is hugely important. For our balance and mental wellbeing, one of the best things we can do is pursue these interests that make us feel fulfilled. Finding your passion is one thing – but finding the time to dedicate to it is quite another.… View Post

Like last year I have been very interested to see what blog posts of mineyou have been reading the most.   I am also really happy that 21 of my top 50 posts read in 2018 are afternoon tea posts. I’m hoping to get the opportunity to review more afternoon tea venues this year plus write up some of the afternoon tea venues I’ve visited this year and never found the time to blog about. Shall I aim for 25 of my top 50 blog posts to be afternoon tea related in 2019? In 2018, my top blog posts are: MY… View Post

The Christmas period and New Year have both passed. If you were lucky, you’ve hopefully had time to relax, recharge and get ready for a new year. No matter if you’ve had an excellent 2018, or you’d rather put it past you, we would like to wish you a wonderful new year as we continue to reflect about our lives in the midst of January. While this is taking place, there are many things you might wish to do to celebrate the holidays you have just had, and to relax from all the ‘relaxing’ you might have been doing. This… View Post

I don’t think I can quite believe that 2018 is over.  In some ways for me it has gone quite slowly but then it also seems to have flown by.  There have been up and some down, then some very down points but I’ve come out the other side.  I topped a few years ago making New Years Resolutions as to be honest they never really came to much.  Instead I set realistic goals that I hoped to achieve. I sat down and decided what I actually wanted to do with my life, where I wanted to be in 1… View Post