Window Dressing: More Important Than You Think!

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[AD] Window dressing gets a bad rep these days, maybe for its use as a term to describe something superficial. But used in the home, window dressing is an important part of the decor of a house. There are a few things to look out for when it comes to supplying the finishing touches to your windows, and they can each have an enormous impact on the overall look and feel of your house. Let’s take a look at some bright ideas to help your window areas shine as much as the sunlight that sparkles on them.

Refresh your frames

If you want to improve the look of your windows, you’ll need to rely on more than just your local window cleaning team. Take a close look at your frames, and what do you see? In many cases, it is an overlooked area, and a lot of homes suffer from cases of rot, dull paintwork, and weather damage on the outside. So, your first task is to sand down and fill any cracks or holes, before applying a couple of coats of paint. It will make your windows pop as you have never seen them before.

Box planters

Staying outside the home, you can achieve a fantastic rustic look by attaching box planters full of beautiful flowers around your windows. This strategy is also fantastic for encouraging wonderful smells into your home in the summer months – the scent of the flowers will drift in while you have your windows open to cool down.

Create your own curtains

Next, let’s move inside – what about your curtains, drapes or blinds? If you want to extend your arts and crafts skills, consider creating your own curtains. It’s pretty easy if you can follow basic instructions. Just look around for a good fabric shop online, click for great offers that catch your eye, and wait for them to arrive. Then it’s a case of measuring, cutting, and making use of your sewing machine before threading in some hooks and installing some rails. Blinds are a little harder and require a considerable amount of skill and experience – perhaps pass these on to a professional. However, given that your windows often take up massive amounts of space on your focus walls, it’s vital to take some time choosing the right curtains or blinds to finish off the look of any room.


Window film

Worried about privacy in a bedroom or bathroom? Don’t be – and you don’t have to rely on those horrendous net curtains everyone used to have these days, either. Buy yourself some window film instead. You can order it to size, and either get plain film of patterned. It will let a lot of light in, but no one will be able to peer inside your windows.


A final point – make sure that your window sills don’t become a dumping ground for everything from your children’s toys to used coffee cups. It’s hard to stop, of course, but by placing a few cute knick-knacks such as small vases, decorative pieces or photo frames, you will make people think twice about adding their junk.


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