Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Adult Bedroom

After a long day of being a parent, colleague, friend and partner, it’s likely that all you will want to do it slip off to bed before you’re needed for anything else to get that all important sleep you deserve. It’s likely that your bedroom is simply a room with a bed and some wardrobes in it because you’re always so busy concentrating on everything else. Why not turn your bedroom into a haven for you and your partner to get some well deserved rest in? In this article are going to be some top tips on how to create the perfect adult bedroom.



First and foremost, getting the decor right in your bedroom is essential to getting a good night of sleep. Sticking with plain or pastel colors will make sure that you can drift off easily rather than being distracted by bold colors or decorations.

If you want a feature wall in your bedroom, consider making it the wall in which your headboard is placed against so that it’s not preventing you from falling asleep at night.


Having a bed that’s comfortable to sleep in is one of the most important things to make sure you get a good night of rest. You don’t need to replace your bed completely though. If your bed is growing a little old, or you find it uncomfortable then consider buying a new mattress to boost the quality of sleep that you will be getting. There are many different types of mattresses that you can choose from, including speciality mattresses to cater for people with any back or posture problems.

If it’s time for a new bed completely, consider upsizing to a larger bed so that you and your partner have all of the room you need to sleep soundly (and of course, still have room when the kids join you in the morning.)


Many people disagree with having a television in their bedroom, but sometimes it can be the perfect way of unwinding at the end of the day. You may find that when you’re downstairs watching TV that you’re falling asleep, yet when you get to bed you’re wide awake again. This is often because watching the TV will take your mind off any stresses you have and allow you to fall asleep. Setting your TV to switch off on a timer and lying in bed to catch up on the TV you’ve missed may help you fall asleep even faster than you think.

Be careful to not let it keep you awake all night though, as this can easily happen to many people.

Some other great additions to the bedroom include:

  • Candles for the soothing smells and relaxation
  • Rugs
  • Radio alarm
  • Blinds for extra privacy and style
  • Mirrors
  • A dressing table for those rare occasions that you can go out
  • Cosy lampshades to create a fantastic ambience

As you can see, it’s fairly easy to create a relaxing haven for you to chill out in at night time. Consider trying these tips today so you can get a better night sleep, and enjoy being in your bedroom.

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