Tips For Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Rug

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As one of the busiest rooms in any home, a kitchen should feel warm and welcoming, and one of the simplest ways to do this is with the addition of a kitchen rug. Not everyone has a rug in their kitchen, which is understandable given the amount of mess that accumulates on a kitchen floor, but there are plenty of advantages of using one in this high-traffic room.

A good kitchen rug can add a whole new dimension to your space. From providing vibrancy to a darker kitchen to adding eye-catching colour to a white space, kitchen rugs offer a great aesthetic to any kitchen. It can also protect hard-wood floors from high traffic, while even adding a touch of warmth to the kitchen.

It’s important to choose the right rug for your kitchen to ensure it makes improvements to the space, so check out the tips below for choosing the perfect kitchen rug:

Match It With Your Current Décor

Coordination is always important when adding a new rug to a room, and the kitchen is no different. So, take the time to check your current décor before shopping around for a new kitchen rug, ensuring whatever you choose coordinates with what’s currently there.

Be mindful of the colour scheme in particular. For instance, those with neutral kitchen colours may want to add more colour with the rug, with a solid colour being a great way to add more vibrancy to the décor.

Choose A Suitable Texture

As the kitchen in your home gets so much traffic, it’s a good idea to think about the texture of the rug, as you want something that can handle all this traffic. For instance, a flatweave rug works well in a kitchen as it adds style but also doesn’t get damaged by high-volume traffic.

Thicker textures are still an option of course. For example, a thick rug works well in tiled kitchen floors, especially beneath a table or at walkways, adding some nice warmth to the space.

Look For Something That Is Easy To Clean

As we all know, a kitchen floor sees a fair amount of mess. Spilled food and drink is only natural in a kitchen, and this can be quite the hassle for a rug. Therefore, you want to choose a rug that is easier to maintain, as you’re probably going to be washing it more than any other rug.

Natural fibre rugs are quite good in this regard. The likes of sisal and bamboo rugs are hard-wearing but simple to clean, being washable by hand for those tougher stains.

Go For Something Safe

Rugs can be quite dangerous on a slippery kitchen floor, so be mindful of this when choosing your rug. Hardwood and tiled floors are very slippery, especially when polished, which is why you need a rug that won’t slip and cause you to lose your footing. Certain rugs come with non-slip bases that make them quite safe, but you may want to invest in a rug pad should you have an especially slippery floor.


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    28th May 2018 at 1:22 PM

    This is lovely. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips for choosing the perfect rug for the kitchen.

  • James N. Landry

    29th May 2018 at 6:14 AM

    Your choice is excellent and kitchen rug it looks gorgeous. This is an essential tip. Especcialy The rug is perfect for tiles, slippery floor. thanks for sharing the great post! Keep up such a good review.

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