Spruce Up Your Kitchen This Weekend


Now that the winter is drawing in, Halloween is only a few weeks away and Christmas won’t be far behind, you may be thinking that the time for DIY is over. You’d be wrong, and in fact there are some small changes you can still make in the run up to the festive season to maximise your storage space and add some life to a dull room. The kitchen will be the hub of your festivities, with you and your family cooking dinner, and possibly even eating in the kitchen if you have an open plan design. Luckily, there are some quick ways to spruce up your kitchen this weekend in time for the festivities to begin.

A Lick Of Paint

Paint can hide a multitude of sins. It is the easiest way to hide horrible wallpaper that the previous owner left, and can also really help you bring some warmth into your home again. Don’t be scared to buy a fairly bold colour for your kitchen as long as you keep it light. For example, light green is a great choice for a kitchen if it’s at the back of the house, because it almost brings the garden into your home and makes the kitchen feel larger when you open the doors.

Get Crafty

Don’t be afraid to let your creative side out. It’s all well and good scrolling through Pinterest and saving cute ideas, but have you ever tried them? This weekend why not take some old jars and repurpose them into somewhere to store your spices, or even your new tea, coffee and sugar jars. To keep it simple all you need is some chalk paint to paint on your jars, and then you can write what’s inside. You could even use the chalk paint to make your own pub style blackboard and write down your meals for the week, notes and even let the kids doodle. It will add character to your kitchen instantly.

Bring The Outdoors In

Herbs are a great thing to add into your kitchen if you have the space. You can buy a cheap herb garden online and place it on the windowsill to bring a splash of colour to the room and also save you money on buying dried herbs from the supermarket. If you have a table in your kitchen you could also buy a vase of fresh lilies and let the smell and colour add a lovely feature to your home.

Hang A Mirror

Natural light is your best friend, especially if you have a small kitchen to work with. If you have any wall space opposite your window, hang a mirror up and it will make your room feel larger and reflect light into every little space.

Replace Your Taps

Tap Warehouse offers a range of sleek chrome taps which could make your kitchen look much more modern without having to rip out the sink and replace everything at once. You’ll be able to refresh the faucet space and add an edge of modern design to the kitchen without having to fork out too much money.


  • Marylin

    17th October 2017 at 10:24 PM

    I keep thinking of re-painting my kitchen but I’ve been too chicken so far! It’s a rental so I can’t be too crazy, but it’s definitely in need of a spruce up. 🙂

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