Space Saving Ideas Specifically For Your Bedroom

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[AD] Your bedroom is one of those rooms in your home that can often be a little low on the priority list when it comes to decoration or investing your time into making it a nice space. You focus more on the rooms people will see or even things like children’s bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. However, clutter and a small space can mean your bedroom and you feel overwhelmed. So I thought I would share witty you some of the space-saving ideas for your bedroom.

Fitting the TV to the wall

Many of us like a TV in our bedrooms these days, however, as they get bigger they can also start to take up more space than we would like in our bedroom. Not all of us are blessed with ample floor space in our bedrooms, so a great tip is to fit the TV to the wall to save on the space on the floor. If you don’t feel confident in doing that you can enlist the help of a tv wall mounting service to help you with the installation and fitting. Doing this could really transform the space in your bedroom and give you more to work with.

Investing in a bed with storage underneath

Storage can be a huge problem for some, and as a bed can take up a whole heap of space, why not use it to your advantage? These days you can now buy beds with storage underneath. This might be through draws or in an ottoman style where you lift the mattress up. It’s great to store things like suitcases or things you don’t need all of the time and a huge space saver in your bedroom.

Use vacuum packs to save space in wardrobes

You may have very limited wardrobe space and it can be a huge problem for you I get it. So a great tip is to sport your wardrobe seasonally and take out the clothes you don’t need. For example, jumpers during the summer months. Then vacuumed pack them and store them under your bed or in a suitcase where you can bring them back when you need them again and do the same thing with things like vests and dressers in the winter.

Storage solutions could be the answer

We all need more storage in our homes, and so Pinterest is a great source of inspiration to help you create clever storage solutions in even the smallest of places. Having shelves, drawers and cupboards for things mean that a bedroom can appear tidy and clutter free. Which brings me nicely on to my last point.

Declutter and keep things to a minimum

Many of us can be hoarders, and so it is a good idea to ensure you save on space by decluttering regularly and keeping things to a minimum. If you don’t love it, need it or want it then what use does it have in your home?

I hope these space saving ideas help you transform your bedroom.



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