How Good Food, Company & Resturant Design Makes A Memorable Evening

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[AD] For me, seizing the opportunity to dine out with family and friends is a great way to take time out from the daily grind, relax and have the opportunity to not have to do the washing up! I love trying out new restaurants and cuisines and surprisingly my favourite restaurant experience is afternoon tea!

I enjoy cooking but it is so lovely to have an evening off and enjoy a meal without worrying about all the little details. Not having to worry about timings, whether the chicken is cooked and ensuring there is enough food for everyone.

On the other hand, when you go out to a restaurant to eat you are able to enjoy the food and company is a relaxed setting. Dining out gives you the opportunity to try something new, a dish or even a cuisine you would not normally make at home.

Another plus of eating out is the opportunity to forget about all cleaning up after you’ve finished your meal. You can savour dessert, accompanied by a coffee, or in my case, a tea without having to think about the washing up afterward.

Who does not like to be well cared for while enjoying delicious food?

Good food and good company are essential elements for a meal out but so is the ambiance and decor of the restaurant; something that can make or break your night out.

For me, one thing that can either make or kill an evening out is the ambiance of the restaurant. Eating out is always a treat and one to be enjoyed. As well as good tasty food, prompt service I love a welcoming restaurant that makes you feel at home but at the same time makes the evening feel like a luxurious treat.

Five ways to improve the ambiance

  • The restaurant is clean and modern in design.
  • The lighting sets the tone.
  • Music sets the mood.
  • Colours help to stimulate the palette.
  • Customers aren’t crammed together.

Serving fabulous food and providing quality service must be accompanied by a well-designed restaurant; from the tables and chairs to the crockery, linen, and glasses. A talented team of restaurant designers in London are well versed in providing stunning designs to set the right ambiance for an enjoyable night out, as can be seen from this stunning restaurant they designed in Mayfair, London:

When you dine out what type of decor do you prefer? Are you casual and fun or a stylish decadent decor lover?


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