Relax and Unwind: How Your Home Can Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

In order to fully recover and recuperate from the stresses that daily life can throw at us, we need a home that we can properly relax in. Somewhere to unwind and just be ourselves so we can recharge and get back out there and live our lives. Overworking leads to burnout which is bad news for both mental and physical health, so making some changes and a conscious effort to relax at home can do you the world of good. If you want to make your home more of a relaxing place to spend time, here are some of the changes you can make in each room.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is by far the most relaxing place in the world. It’s you’re own personal space where you can fully relax and enjoy putting your feet up, whether that’s curled up with a good book, Netflix or just scrolling through your phone with a hot drink. To keep your bedroom relaxing, it should be kept neat and tidy. As they say, tidy room, tidy mind. Going to bed surrounded with clutter and junk each day won’t put you in the most relaxed mood, so invest in good storage and make sure everything is put away. Built in wardrobes are a good choice since they run from floor to ceiling giving you tonnes of storage space, and they can be fitted around any awkward nooks and crannies. They can be made as shallow or deep as you like so are ideal for smaller rooms where you don’t want a lot of chunky furniture stealing the floor space. Keeping the room free of dust can also help, this is because dust mites can cause respiratory issues so if your breathing is bad or you just feel a bit sneezy these could be to blame. Replace your duvet every three to five years and your pillows every one to two. This is because they’re traps for dust mites. You mattress should be replaced every seven years, this ensures that it’s supporting your body properly and will allow you to get the best night’s sleep. Decorate your room in calming, light neutrals which will make the space feel bigger and brighter.


The Bathroom

There’s nothing more soothing than a hot bath or shower after a long day. A chance for the hot water to let the muscles unwind, it can lower blood pressure and bring a sense of calm- these kinds of health benefits. A full bathroom renovation is a worthwhile project to take on, not only will you boost the value of your home but you also make life easier for yourself. A stunning shower, roll top bath and gorgeous basin like these from will give your bathroom a luxurious feel. Choose beautiful tiles, you could even opt for underfloor heating. A new bath mat and large fluffy towels make the experience even better. Throw away your sticky bottles of half used products, invest in some nice bath oils, shower gels and pampering products that you can use each day to treat your hair and skin, and step out of the bathroom feeling a million dollars. Keep the bathroom clean and tidy, store things like kids toys away so the space feels serene and relaxing when you step inside the bathroom.

The Living Room

The living room is a place to relax, consume media on the big tv and spend time with loved ones. So a nice comfy space with enough room for everyone to sit is key. You could choose an L shaped sofa giving you plenty of space to lounge, lie or sit with family and friends. If you have space, go with a loveseat or armchair as well. Cosy soft furnishings like rugs, throws and cushions make the space feel warm and homely. Choose blackout blinds as well as sumptuous curtains to block out the light as well as the drafts. If you invest in a good tv with surround sound you give yourself the best tv watching experience. Have a variety of light sources- a floor lamp, table lamps and wall sconces all allow you to adjust the light to whatever it is you’re doing. Whether it’s eating, reading, watching tv, practicing a hobby or socialising. You can buy smart bulbs these days allowing you to control the brightness giving you full control over the light in your home. Check out different smart home systems and see what works for you. It can make life very convenient, and allows you to control things like lighting, heating, security systems and everything else right from an app or using a voice activated speaker.


The Dining Room

Did you know that families that eat together more than three times a week are less likely to have children that grow up to become teen parents, take drugs or involved in crime? Plus eating with your children allows you to set a good example when it comes to food, and therefore children are likely to be slimmer and healthier. Research has shown that eating together is more important than we ever realised. It helps to keep close bonds, and is an enjoyable time where you can eat and socialise with the ones you love. Purchase a large dining table and some comfortable chairs, and have a good light fixture fitted above for evening meals when it’s dark outside. If you’re putting a rug down, it needs to be large enough that the chairs still fit on it even when they’re pulled out. There are all kinds of beautiful table runners, crockery sets and table ornaments you can buy for the top- don’t just wait for a special occasion to use them. Aim to eat together as a family a few times a week and enjoy the relaxing dining area you have created.

The Kitchen

The way we use and see our kitchens has very much changed in recent years. Before, entertaining would mean the host would close themselves in a kitchen (usually small, almost like a ‘backstage’ area) and would be served in the larger living and dining rooms. These days, we’re all about big kitchens. Entertaining styles are a lot less formal, with open plan and kitchen islands meaning guests can chat to the host as they cook. Relaxing at home doesn’t mean all lounging around, it could mean throwing a casual dinner party with friends, laughing and having fun. A good kitchen allows you to do this, and of course you will make life easier when it comes to preparing family meals and add a huge amount of value onto your home. A new kitchen is a big investment but something that’s extremely worthwhile for entertaining as well as on a practical level.

Improving your home and making the most out of each room will allow you to best enjoy the time spent there. You get to entertain friends, socialise with family and totally relax and recharge. Life is busy and stressful, you home can be a retreat from all of that and is part of the puzzle in maintaining a good work/ life balance. Whether it’s big changes from a complete kitchen or bathroom renovation, to small ones like cleaning, organising and adding soft furnishings. Make an effort to transform your home into a relaxing haven, and your mental and physical health will both thank you for it.

Is your home a relaxing haven, or do you need to make some significant changes?


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