Preparing Our Home For Christmas Guests

I know I just used the C word and it’s only just turned October and I’m talking about Christmas. Christmas it really isn’t that far away it’s only 12 weeks away now and if like me you are expecting guests over the Christmas period you may want to make some changes to your decor in order to welcome them into your home.  I’m expecting some guests for a few days before Christmas and I’m needing to change my one sitting room into a bedroom for them.  We have a sofa bed in there but the room needs brightening up. As part of renovating our house we recently painted the room and fitted a new carpet but I am still in need of some new curtains and accessories to brighten the room up.

The room has been painted in a light grey and we have a lovely dark grey carpet so I’m on the lookout for grey curtains to match the  a grey sofa bed that we already have. I’m also in need of some newfuvet covers and saw some lovely ones from  Julian Charles that would look perfect for the sofa bed and some scatter cushions for the sofa during the day.  When I first thought about redecorating this room I want it to have a grey and silver theme.  I have been looking online for some new curtains and a quilt cover for the room and I saw this silver luxury embellished duvet set

I think would look stunning, however now the walls are painted and we have a new carpet and sofa sofa bed and it’s looking a little monotone and although it looks nice and classy I think we need to add a little bit more colour into the room. I then spotted that same company did the exact same range in mauve which I think is lovely in comparison with the grey.

I really liked crushed velvet would look as it has a luxurious feel.  As well as new soft furnishings for the room such as scatter cushions it’s always nice when you have guests coming to purchase some nice fluffy towels for them and these mauve towels would be ideal.

Finally everybody loves their home smelling fresh and a reed scent diffuser would be ideal in fact it’s something I like to take pick up a couple of to add to all of the living spaces.  I also a fan of some subtle lighting and love adding lamps to give an ambient field to the room.


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  1. 13th October 2017 / 10:56 AM

    Don’t spend too much time worrying about the minor details, though, as your guests will be more concerned about spending time with you. In our case, our spare room has become a dumping ground for anything I need to find a home for, over the next few weeks I will be continuing to sort this out, binning anything which hasn’t been used in more than a year, re-homing items such as suitcases and our Christmas tree to the loft and making a few trips to the dump to get rid of the old cot and mattresses which have accumulated in there as somewhere in the back of that room is a spare bed.

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