Popular House Cleaning Hacks That Just Aren’t True

Everybody is round for a party. Somebody turns around too quickly and catches something with their arm. You watch in slow motion as the glass falls and red wine spills all over your cream carpet, spreading and soaking into the fibers. Your perfect party is ruined. Get the white wine, somebody shouts. Everybody knows that if you put white wine on a red wine stain, it comes right out. Well, actually it doesn’t. It takes a little bit of the color out but in reality, it’ll just make the stain bigger and you’ll waste a bottle of wine on it. The way you should be dealing with a red wine stain is to sprinkle salt on it to absorb some of the wine, but that won’t get rid of it completely.


It’s surprising how many people think that white wine gets rid of red wine stains, it’s just one of those things that people say. That got me to thinking, how many more of these nuggets of cleaning advice are just complete nonsense? The answer is, quite a lot.

Ink Stains And Hairspray

This one is sort of true and sort of a myth. When you spill ink on your carpet, the best thing to use to get it out is something that contains alcohol. Hairspray used to contain a lot of it which is how this myth came about. However, modern hairsprays contain only small amounts so this no longer works. If you do spray hairspray onto the carpet, you’ll end up with an ink stain that is now covered in a sticky mess. If you’re going to use alcohol, look for rubbing alcohol. However, be aware that some fabrics are damaged by it so it might be better to just get it dry cleaned.

Shrunken Carpets

This is quite a damaging myth that has made people unnecessary wary of carpet cleaner hire companies. It’s often said that professional carpet cleaners are too powerful and they can shrink your carpets. This is ridiculous because carpets are designed to be cleaned so there won’t be any lasting damage. Sometimes the carpet might shrink a little while it’s still wet but it’ll go back to normal when it’s dry. This only usually happens with woolen carpets anyway so most people shouldn’t have an issue. Don’t let this myth put you off using a professional carpet cleaner because the results are great.


I’ve seen a lot of posts online that say vinegar is some kind of wonder product that will fulfill all of your cleaning needs. I’ve used vinegar and baking powder in an attempt to unblock my drains before, but I don’t think anything really happened. That’s because vinegar isn’t really that great for cleaning and can actually damage surfaces sometimes. It doesn’t clean any better than normal cleaning products and if you use it on natural stone or wood, you can do more harm than good. Not to mention, your house will stink of vinegar if you start rubbing it all over everything in an attempt to make it sparkle.

There are some great cleaning hacks out there, but be careful what you read and always fact check before trying any of them out.

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