7 Ideas for Organising Your Bedroom Closet

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[AD] Spring is here, and with that comes spring cleaning. Because let’s face it, closets are notorious for collecting odds and ends over the months (and sometimes even the years).  Although you may dread the day you’re digging through old clothes and clearing out out-of-style shoes, know that after cleaning and organizing your closet, you will feel refreshed, relaxed, and ready to enjoy spring.  But just what do you need to organize? Which clothes do you throw out? And which do you keep? Read on to find out!

1 Pair Like with Like

This goes for colours and types of clothing. So, that dark blue long sleeve shirt would go best with that navy shirt.  Of course, you can figure out the specifics. Some will clump all short sleeve, long sleeve, and V-neck shirts together. While others will get more detailed, creating separate sections in their closet for each sub shirt category.  Also, although we’ve been talking about tops, don’t forget to apply this organizational rule for pants, jackets, and sweaters.

2 How Frequently Do You Wear It?

If you’re not a fan of the like-with-like, try organizing your closet according to how frequently you wear your clothes.

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Not Know How Often You Wear Your Clothes?  If, aside from your favourite custom t-shirt by the Tee Hive, you’re not sure which clothing you wear more than others, record what you’re wearing each day in a journal for a month. (You could even just make a note of it on your calendar.)  Keep your most Frequently Worn to the Front.  Yes, it may sound silly, but it gives you a better idea of which clothing and outfits you wear more than others. That way, you can throw out the clothing you wear the least of while, of course, keeping the clothing you wear the most.  (Keep in mind though of the season; it makes sense why you’re not wearing your winter coat in spring so hang on to that one.)  After recording your outfits, hang your most frequently worn clothes closest to the front of your closet and the clothing you wear the least towards the back. This makes it easier for you to hunt down your favourite outfit and saves you time from digging for that one pair of blue jeans.

3 In with the Old

Hang up an old, vintage cabinet to make some storage space for accessories or any other doodahs. You can also screw on some knobs on the shelf for necklaces and scarves.

4 The Marie Kondo Method Never Goes Out of Style

In case you don’t know, Marie Kondo, the organisational guru, is known for her decluttering method, also called the Konmari method.  Basically, you pick up an item—it could be a blouse, pair of shoes, or your old soccer ball—and ask: does this bring me joy?  If it does, keep it. If not, throw it away. While we love this idea—and it’s a decluttering lifesaver for many—keep in mind that there are some items you may still need to hang onto even if you’re not that excited about them.

5 Don’t Forget Old-Fashion Cleaning

Don’t forget that organization usually comes with cleaning, and your closet is no exception. In fact, we recommend that you take everything out of your closet.  Dust, wipe and polish surfaces, and then vacuum after. We recommend that you leave the vacuuming until the end, as some dirt and grime you wipe off may end up on the ground.

6 Freshen Up Your Closet with DIY Moth Balls

Part of the reason why cleaning out your closet is a good habit to keep has to do with the moths. Moths are known for eating clothes—specifically wool and cashmere—which leaves your clothes holey and damaged.  Prevent this from happening by creating your own natural mothballs and leaving them in your closet after you’ve organized and cleaned it.  According to Apartment Therapy, all you need to do is stick some moth-repellent herbs like Rosemary or thyme into a tea bag and place in your closet. Just change these out every couple of months, and your clothes will be thanking you.

7 It’s All About the Hangers

Little details like hangers can add that extra-organized touch. To make sure clothes don’t fall off the hangers and have a little more stick-ability, consider using hangers with a felt or velvet-like material.  Also, leave about an inch or so of space between the hangers so that it’s easier for you to thumb through them when you’re looking for an outfit to wear.

Bonus: A Hanging Shoe Rack Works Wonders

Your average closet is somewhere between 3 and 8 feet wide. To make the most of what you got, install a hanging shoe rack to free up space below. That way, you can store your shoes in the rack and have extra room for your crafting supplies or blankets.

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Final Thoughts: Be Proactive and Start Organizing Your Closet

Feel free to use some, none, or all of these tips to clean and organize your closet. Although your favourite TV show may be on or you’d rather be doing anything else but organizing your closet, we assure you that you’ll feel so much better after doing the job.  What other closet-cleaning tips do you have? How messy has your closet been, and how did you declutter and re-organize it? Be sure to leave a comment in the comments section below.


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