Open Home, Open Heart: Making Guests Feel Welcome In Your House


One of the best things about having your own space is welcoming guests. As we race towards the festive season, is more likely that visitors arrive, be it family members or long lost friends. As you’ll probably know from being a guest yourself, it makes a world of difference when you feel at home. So, how can we make our guests feel especially welcome? Well, it takes a little planning and foresight, but a few small touches can go a long way and encourage loved ones to come and catch up:

Think about a gift basket

Leaving your guests a little basket of treats is the step that really lets them know you’re happy they’ve arrived. Cosy slippers, a selection of snacks, some of the latest magazines and a calming candle are perfect. Think about items personal to your guest – what do they like to eat and do? There’s nothing worse than being stuck without things on your travels, so adding body lotion or a few little toiletries is a lovely touch. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune – look for sample sized buys or save the gift with purchase items you get.

Sort out sleeping and bathroom arrangements in advance

There’s nothing worse than feeling out of place when you’re away from home, so your guests are likely to feel a little bit of an inconvenience if they see you struggling to shuffle around bedding. Make sure space is all prepared and their bed for the night is all set up – even if its an air mattress in a child’s bedroom. Use fresh sheets and think about extra blankets if it’s chilly – there’s nothing worse than having to ask for a spare blanket when you’re staying in someone’s house. Also, avoid any awkwardness by making the bathroom arrangements clear. Give plenty of towels and make sure the toilet paper is well stocked! You could even look into more information for installing an ensuite or guest bathroom if you have space, letting whoever stays has a place to themselves to freshen up.


Cook up a storm

Sharing meals is one of the central parts of having a guest stay with you – so think ahead and ask about their preferences and any allergies so you’re well prepared. On the day, get your guest involved with helping with the meal prep. Even if its just peeling a few potatoes, most people prefer to feel like one of the family rather than a spare part, and you can have great catch-ups while cooking together! You don’t want anything too labour intensive though – it’s best to go for large, one-pot dishes that just have to be put into the oven, like a spicy Moroccan tagine. For breakfast in the morning, keep it casual and go for bake-ahead treats like a brioche loaf or overnight oats. Leave a basket of cereal bars and fruit around for them to help themselves to – remember they might be used to eating at entirely different times!

With just a little extra care, you can really make a stay special and with the details out of the way, concentrate on making memories with people you may not see very often.


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