Making The Most Of Space In A Small Bathroom

When space is at a premium, a certain level of creativity is required to make any room feel stylish, inviting, and fit for purpose. This is especially true when it comes to a bathroom, where necessary fixtures will take up much of available room.

Pebble Grey explain how to make the most of the space in a smaller bathroom.


Say, for example, you only have one ceiling-level light fitting and it doesn’t seem to be doing a good enough job; the light is muted, and it’s casting odd shadows around the room. To solve issues like these, there few different options available. 

You could consider an illuminated mirror, which combines a traditional mirror with an illuminated frame. This can be incredibly useful in increasing the amount of light in a room. They’re especially useful when you find yourself unable to install any additional lighting fixtures on the walls.

This way, a bathroom fixture also becomes a lighting fixture, solving two problems in one. An additional benefit to adding a mirror to your bathroom is that they can help reflect light around the room making it feel much larger than it is. The reflection of the mirror creates the illusion of space, which can help make a smaller bathroom feel much more open and less claustrophobic.

Plinth lighting is another avenue to consider. As it is installed at a ground level, plinth lighting takes up next to no additional space. It functions as both an easy way to increase a room’s lighting, and an easy way to make a room more stylish through the unique colourful glow around the bases of bathroom fixtures and fittings.

These lights can also create a sense of height in a room, which again can help it to feel much bigger.

Creative Storage Solutions

Combining different bathroom elements can help to maximise space in a small bathroom, a wall mounted cabinet with a mirrored door for example.

This provides all the benefits a mirror can bring to the bathroom with additional storage space.

It’s usually a rule of thumb that a mirror, or cabinet is installed above your sink. With that in mind, expand your storage further by replacing a regular sink fitting with a vanity unit. Vanity units make use of the space that would ordinarily have been taken up solely by the sink pedestal, giving you access to additional storage without a loss of floor space.

When it comes to making the most of space in your bathroom, the only real limit is your own decorative vision for the room. Simple things like wall hung baskets in the shower for any hygiene products or dividers in cabinets to separate items by family member are small yet effective additions.

Using simple tricks to ensure you retain as much floor space as possible to give you a functional room regardless of size. By adding as much light as possible to a room can create an illusion of a bright and airy bathroom.



  1. John
    6th April 2017 / 11:43 AM

    I love this! We are renting unfortunately so can’t make any changes but this inspires me for when we buy later on in the year!

  2. 30th May 2017 / 6:11 PM

    Our bathroom has such crappy lighting, and it’s super frustrating when there’s not enough light around the mirror. I’ve never considered an illuminated mirror, so I’ll definitely have to check that out!!!

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