Boring to Glorious: Making Your Dull Home Features More Interesting

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[AD] When people set about the task of making their homes look more stylish, they often focus on the big-picture items and features. This means that many things get overlooked, but in a truly stylish home, no feature should be totally ignored. So, to rectify the situation, we will take a look at some of the less celebrated home features and some ways in which you can jazz them up a little bit. And the beauty of many of the tips and tricks we will talk about here is that they are simple, so you can start taking them on as soon as possible. Let’s begin!

Give the Illusion of Space with Mirrors

It goes without saying that there is nothing particularly interesting about a bare wall. Of course, you can cover them up with artwork of photographs, but in a room which seems particularly cramped, hanging a mirror gives you the illusion of space even when you don’t have it. Try hanging one nearby to your entrance way to give a spacious feel from the moment you step through the front door.

Turn Your Lampshade into a Work of Art

Lampshades are a home feature that don’t really get thought of all that much. But instead of just going for the traditional options, why not try something that is a little bit jazzy and arty? If you have bare and uncovered lights, putting up a good lampshade provides another interesting feature which the eye can be drawn over towards.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Curtains


Look over at your curtains. If they are starting to look a little tired and uninspiring, now is the time to change all that. Try out a colourful print rather than the standard plain options. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a house or apartment that has big windows, a good trick that you can try out is to hang curtains closer to the ceiling which will create the illusion you are looking for. The same trick works for your shower curtain in the bathroom. If you really care about attention to detail, you can also try out an unusual rod for your curtains too, as well as an interesting tie to keep them looking neat and tidy.

It’s Great to Radiate

Plain old boring white radiators are everywhere – you can at least give them a lick of paint! If you want to go one stage further, there are plenty of more interesting vertical, horizontal and column radiators out there to choose from as this blog post explains. And for your bathroom, a heated towel rail looks stylish and also ensures that your towels are toasty and warm when you get out of the shower.

New Handles to Refresh Your Cupboards

If you don’t have the budget to update all your furniture and storage items, a simple yet effective trick that you can try is to try out some new handles. For example, you could go for some bright knobs on antique wooden items or choose some in interesting shapes. Once again, it all goes back to the theme of this article which is that the little things matter.

Keep Tangled Wires Organised and Hidden

If you have a number of electrical items in a single location, make sure that a tangle of wires isn’t visible. You can keep them organised with some simple bits of twine or proper cable ties. Keeping them out of the way can be done by taping them to baseboards or containing them inside a tube or even a shower rod.

Make Under the Bed a Storage Station


Under the bed isn’t going to be an area that you really need for anything else, so it may as well be used for storage. Rather than just going for standard big plastic storage boxes, you could instead put some drawers under the bed, with clearly divided up sections so that everything stays organised and easily accessible.

Open Up More Space with Paint


There is nothing like a lick of paint for a simple, yet effective way that you can transform the look of a room. While it is generally agreed that light colours make a room look more spacious, an often overlooked technique is to use dark shades nearby and on the ceiling to make it look higher.

Frame Your Mirrors for a Touch of Luxury

Rather than just hanging mirrors as they are, you could instead try framing them. This looks particularly good in the bathroom and there is something about a framed mirror over the sink that instantly gives off the impression of being in a luxury hotel. Make sure that it is kept well-polished so that it has the maximum effect.

Jazz Up Your Outlets and Switches

Plain white plug sockets and switches are the norm, so you could try livening them up a little bit with a touch of decoration. Scrapbook paper or mosaic tiles are just two potential options that work well, and there are so many different patterns or designs that you could go for.

Hide the Bed Behind Curtains

If you don’t have a whole lot of space to work with, you could try hiding the bed behind some curtains. This creates a room-within-a-room effect and gives you that extra bit of privacy when you are trying to drift off to sleep, so why not try some floor-to-ceiling ones?

Attention to detail is so important when you are looking to create the most stylish home possible. And most of the things we have talked about within this blog post don’t require a huge amount of effort and stress. So, hopefully you have seen that everything has the potential to be personalised and every household item can be made more interesting. A lot of these things require a flair for the artistic, but you can always hire a professional to make bespoke items or see what is available online.  


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