Make Mornings More Manageable By Bettering Your Bedroom

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[AD] Let’s be frank; the majority of us feel pretty terrible when we wake up. It doesn’t matter how much sleep we get; we still resemble Frankenstein during the first hour of waking. Our eyes don’t work the way they should, and our limbs certainly don’t feel as though they belong to us. To top it off, your brain may feel like it’s been freshly transplanted before your first coffee.

Sadly, we can’t work miracles. We aren’t here to tell you that we can stop those morning blues. It is possible, though, that your bedroom is actually making you more susceptible to this sort of trouble. Though you might not think it, your bedroom has a lot of impact on your mood when you wake up. It’s the first thing you see, after all. It’s the place where you lay your feet first thing.

With that in mind, we’re going to look at a few simple bedroom makeover ideas which could turn you into a morning person after all. Or, at least, stop you from feeling quite so terrible…

Warm Up That Wooden Floor


We’re all agreed that the wooden floor in your bedroom looks fantastic. It’s bang on trend and helping you keep on top of that minimalist vibe. Nothing works as well for giving an illusion of space and giving you an incentive to keep your floor clear. The trouble is, of course, that wooden floor gets pretty darn cold during the dark hours of the night. Even your heating may struggle to warm that floor enough to stop you from getting a shock straight out of bed. If anything’s going to set you off on a grump each day, it’s getting a nasty shock of cold through your toots straight away. So, what’s the solution here? In reality, there are two options. If you want to keep things simple, a large rug under your bed will both look good and give you something warm to step on. Of course, it could somewhat ruin the stripped back image you may have been aiming for. If that’s a risk, consider an alternative like infrared floor heating. By installing this under your wooden floor, you’ll be able to ensure a lovely warm surface every single morning. With the shock factor removed, you may find yourself much more agreeable first thing. Hopefully.

Jazz Up Your Uninspiring Walls

Blank walls in the bedroom. Is there anything worse? Again, you may be aiming for the minimalist look here, and that’s fine. But, those blank white walls hardly put a smile on your face first thing, do they? Instead, this is a pretty uninspiring sight to wake up to. And, a dull sight first thing is enough to see anyone getting out on the wrong side of the bed. Lucky for you, the solution to this is simple. All you need to do is include points of interest which are sure to put you in a good mood within moments. This could be a framed version of your favourite artwork or a picture of you with your best mates. You could even go all out with an inspiring quote to affirm your positive thinking first thing. Bear in mind, too, that this doesn’t have to take over your room. If you aren’t a ‘picture’ person, keep it simple. One or two pictures on the wall you face when you wake should be more than enough.

Stop Light Getting In Your Windows

This one may seem counterproductive to some people. Isn’t waking up to a bright and natural light the best option? Yes and no. While waking up with the sun can be a fantastic and relaxing experience, it’s a double-edged sword. If too much light comes through your bedroom windows too early, you’ll wake up before you want to. If that happens every morning, you’re hardly going to be the most agreeable person when your alarm goes off. Again, though, sorting this out doesn’t need to be complicated. By installing blinds, for instance, you can block out light until you’re good and ready for it. Bear in mind that total darkness like this could make it pretty difficult to wake up in the first place. If you’re worried about that making mornings harder, find a middle ground. Invest in thicker curtains which still let some light through. Or, opt for blinds which don’t block the light altogether. Either way, removing those early wake-up calls will make all the difference to your morning state of mind.


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