Luxury on a Budget: Create a Spa Like Bathroom Without Overspending

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[AD] The bathroom is always tricky when it comes to renovations and improvement. Not only is it a small space, but switching out the suite can be pricey- not to mention extras like tiling and flooring. However it’s a worthy upgrade to make in the home, there’s nothing quite like like lounging in the bath or letting a hot shower wash off the day when you’re tired or a bit stressed. Here’s how you can upgrade without doing too much damage to your wallet.

Replace The Taps

Replacing your entire bathroom suite can be expensive, and isn’t always necessary. If your bath, sink and toilet are white and in relatively good condition, then switching up the taps might be all you need to give it a modern feel. While taps can be expensive, if you find a wholesaler or scour for bargains on places like ebay you can make some great savings. If you have a very old fashioned suite, perhaps one that’s in a colour like pink, yellow or avocado then you might not have any choice other than to change it completely. But always search for the best deals, discount codes from vouchercloud and other voucher sites for example can slash your costs dramatically.


Consider Tile Alternatives

Ceramic tiles are often used on walls and floors in bathrooms because they’re easy to clean and hardwearing. However over time they can of course develop cracks and chips and they can also look dated when home trends move on. Instead of splashing out for all new floor and wall tiles, why not consider the alternatives instead? On the walls, a backsplash will be far cheaper not to mention quicker, easier and cheaper to fit. You could have half of the room fitted with a backsplash- above the bath, around the shower and around the sink and the other half could be painted with a waterproof bathroom paint. Vinyl flooring can be laid right over tiles and completely freshen up the space. These kinds of coverings can be purchased in any colour or style so still look great without having to spend a lot.

Upgrade Your Accessories

Finally, it’s the finishing touches around the bathroom that make all the difference. Replace your toilet seat with a sturdy, soft close model. Replace your mouldy shower curtain with a sleek bath screen, these can be fitted by anyone with moderate DIY skills and aren’t expensive to buy. Add fluffy new towels and a bath mat, and a decorative accessory such as a plant or an apothecary jar filled with colourful bath bombs. Not only will these things make the bathroom look more homely and inviting but they’re practical too. You can find them in any homeware shop, check out pound shops, supermarkets, ebay and search the sales.

Give It A Scrub

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a deep clean. If you’re keeping tiles up, scrub them and brighten the grout using a grout pen. Scrub stains and limescale from your bathroom suite and make sure floors are sparkling. This alone can make such a difference!



  • Sophie

    5th September 2018 at 6:10 PM

    Great tips! It doesn’t have to be expensive to have a new bathroom – even a new shower curtain will spruce things up. I also think investing in LED lights is a good idea – they look great and will save loads in the long run. And, if you do plan on making more major changes but are worried about money it’s a good idea to set a budget and get a survey done by a trustworthy plumber – this will give you an idea of the costs.

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